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Make Leave Request

This tab allows you to request a period of leave, and then forward the request for approval to the manager who is responsible for the employee group to which you belong. Leave requests are split into a two step process:

Step 1: Select Leave Type and Days

Field definitions

The request leave web page form fields are detailed in the table below:




The group selector will only be visible for employees who are also marked as Managers. The default group is named <My Details>. This particular group is not a true employee group - it is merely a placeholder for managers to access their own timesheets without having to first select the employee group to which they themselves belong.

In the situation of the Manager being responsible for more than one employee group, it is important that the correct group is selected from the list box, so that in turn, the appropriate set of employees in that group are accessible to match transactions against. Take care to ensure that each group is activated in succession if you miss the selection of a group, you will also have missed out all of the employees belonging to that group.


This is the full name of the currently highlighted member of staff, and indicates to the Manager that the timesheet being reviewed is for one of their subordinates.


Type of Leave

Select the type of leave being applied for, e.g. Annual Leave. Available leave types are taken from Exo Payroll.

Send Request to

Select the manager that this request should be sent to.


Tick the appropriate box for the calendar days on which the leave is being requested. Click the < and > buttons to navigate between months.


Enter any extra comments which may be relevant to the leave application, e.g. pay leave all in advance, spread leave over each pay period, etc.

Once all details are entered, click Continue to go to the next step.

Step 2: Enter Units

Each leave request, once approved, will be downloaded from the website via the management console, and converted into a payroll transaction. It is important that managers look not only at the fact that a day off has been requested, but also at the exact number of units to pay.

Field definitions



Dates Requested

Here you will see one row for each day that was selected in Step 1.



If the leave entitlement for the leave type in question is being measured in days, this value will default to one per day and would not normally need to be changed.

If the leave entitlement for the leave type in question is being measured in hours, the second step involves entering the number of hours that need to be paid for each of the days of leave. The leave entitlement will be reduced by the same number of hours when the leave transaction is downloaded from the website and imported into the Current Pay.

Click on the Submit button to continue. You are taken to the My Leave Requests screen, which now displays the new leave request.

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