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Import Time Transactions

The Import Time Transactions menu item is used to import time transactions from other software, such as MYOB Exo Time and Attendance or MYOB Exo Business.

In order for this item to be available, the Import time transactions setting in the Other Setup section of the Setup Payroll window must be ticked, and the File Location must be specified.

The information to be imported can be stored in a DBF table, a CSV file or a TXT file. The information must be recorded in a specific format. Import files must be copied to the specified File Location.

If files are present in the File Location directory, selecting the Import Time Transactions menu item opens the Import Time Transactions window:

Tick the Show previously imported files option to include files that have already been imported in the Available list.

Click on available files and use the arrow buttons to select or de-select them, then click Next to proceed.

On the next window, select the pay frequency to update, then click Import to proceed with the import. You are prompted to make a backup of the database first. Once the backup is complete, the transactions are imported and you are given the option of printing a Time Transaction Import Audit report. Once the report has been printed or previewed, the pay is updated and the import is complete.

NOTE: Once imported, import files are renamed automatically to add "_imported" to the file name, e.g. mycompany_imported_ timetran _2.dbf.

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