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Import into Payroll

Timesheets > Import into Payroll

From the Timesheets pane, select the Import into Payroll task.

This function imports the time transaction file into MYOB Exo Payroll.

Timesheet Batches

A list of recently downloaded Batches will be displayed here. Click the appropriate batch (usually the Batch with the most recent date), then click the Import Now button to proceed.

Import Now

Ensure that the Current pay period frequency and dates have been specified correctly, and that the Current Pay Period is open.

From the Import Time Transactions screen, click the Import button to proceed; you will be prompted to make a backup, after which the new transactions will be imported into the Current Pay.

If you also use the Import Time Transactions functionality in MYOB Exo Payroll, a window may appear asking you to select a file to import; if this happens, select timetran.dbf and click Next to continue.


If the archived website data for a certain timesheet is no longer required, highlight the appropriate timesheet archive and click the Delete button to remove the archive.

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