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MYOB MyStaffInfo supports full timesheet functionality, and allows any employee with a login to key their own timesheets over the Internet. In addition, managers can enter timesheets for their subordinates over the Internet.

Templates and Batches are created and named at the management console.

After a synchronise operation, the templates appear on the website, so that values may be keyed for each day.

Default values representing the employees' roster are keyed into the template.

The pay period Batch is created at the management console, with Batch date serving as a cutoff point for the current pay period.

After a second synchronise operation, the pays appear on the website, so that alterations to the roster may be keyed for each day.

Timesheet entries contained in the pays are approved by the appropriate managers.

After a full pay period's compliment of days has been reached, a scan is performed on the website, which extracts the units to pay for each transaction type and downloads them to an archive on the Payroll computer.

The transaction archive is then imported into Payroll's current pay period.

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