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Holiday Pay

Holiday pay transactions require the Units to pay for employees on the Normal/Days method of holiday pay, a dollar Amount for employees on the Percentage Only holiday pay method, and a cost centre.

To pay holiday pay enter "4" or "H". The details you need to enter will depend on how the employee's holiday pay details are set up at head office.

Holiday pay can be paid two ways in Remote, depending on the holiday pay method of the employee being paid. Please note that the captions may change depending on the method in use.

Days to Pay If the employee is on a standard method, this is the number of days holiday to pay the employee

Amount to Pay If the employee is on a percentage only holiday pay method, the Days field will revert to a dollar amount field.

For both methods:

Cost Centre This is the cost centre assigned to this payment. The cost centre name will also be displayed.

Dates Taken

Click the Dates Taken button to specify the calendar day(s) on which the leave was taken. Click on the cell for the appropriate day, and then click on the "+" tool or optionally right-click on the cell to select via the right-click menu.

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