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Step Three - Create or Edit Current Batch

Select Step Three from the Remote Cycle.

Batch Frequency This corresponds to the frequency at which your employees are paid. At Head Office, this batch is posted into a current pay of the same frequency.

Name Of New Batch E.g. weekly wages, bonus pay, Christmas holidays, weekly allowances.

Period End Date This corresponds to the date of closure for accountancy. At Head Office, this batch is posted into a current pay of the same Pay Period End Date.

Create Batch Click on Create Batch to proceed. You will notice that the Edit Batch button now becomes available.

Edit Batch

Click on Edit Batch to proceed. You will be taken into the Data Entry grid. This is the main data entry screen for each batch. When you enter this screen the title bar will display the name of the current batch you are entering transactions for. You will only be able to pay employees in this batch that have the same pay frequency that the batch was created for.

The Data Entry Line

This is the line at the top of the screen where you enter the details for the transaction. The entry fields will change based on the type of transaction, these will be detailed further on. The data entry in remote has been set up to be as easy as possible - all data entry can done entirely from the keypad.

The first step is to enter the employee code for the employee you wish to enter a transaction for. If you select an invalid code you will be presented with a picklist of all valid employees. After selecting an employee, their name will be displayed and you will be able to enter the transaction type.

Staff Filters

All staff By default you will be viewing all transactions for all staff.

Specific Staff Click on the list box to open it and select this value. This will let you see the transactions and wage total for one employee at a time. You can use the F7 and F8 keys to skip between employees.

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