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Group Summary

Here you can review totals per transaction type, with one row for each employee in the group. You can view, edit, approve or decline transactions, in any sequence.

Form Field definitions

The table below details each form field in the Timesheet Group Summary window:



Pay Status


One or more the transactions for the employee have not yet been approved, and therefore cannot be paid.


All of the transactions for the employee have been approved, and therefore can be paid.


This is the full name of the MyStaffInfo employee, to whom that current row's Timesheet transactions belong.

Transaction Types

Every kind of transaction that is payable from MyStaffInfo will be displayed in columns from left to right.



Click this icon to approve the selected pending timesheet.

Click this icon to unapprove the selected approved timesheet.

Printing and Exporting Timesheets

Click the Print button to display a standard print dialog, which will allow you to print the current display of timesheet information.

Click the Export button to export the timesheet information as a CSV file.

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