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Exo Remote Timesheet Allowances

Allowance transactions require the Allowance Code, and depending on the allowance setup, may require the Units, Rate, Rate Type, (Multiple hourly) Wage Code, or Amount.

To pay allowances enter "2" or "A". This will bring up the pay allowances screen where you can enter the details of the allowance.

Allowances are paid based on the settings from head office. The pay allowances screen allows you to enter the allowance details based on the code. Please note that not all the options shown below will be available, as this will depend on the allowance. You can view how these allowances are set up in the Allowance Maintenance.

Allowance Code  This is the unique code assigned to the allowance. Enter the code of the allowance you wish to pay. You can press Find F9 for a list of available allowances.

Calculation Method This option shows how the allowance is calculated - it cannot be changed.

Units This is the number of units of the allowance you wish to pay.

Rate This is the rate at which the allowance is paid.

Amount This is the dollar amount of the allowance to pay.

Rate Type This corresponds to the pay rate types set up in the Pay Rate Type Maintenance screen.

Wage Rate Code This code corresponds to the employee's hourly rate. This option is only available if head office is using multiple hourly rates.

Cost Centre Code This is the code of the cost centre assigned to the allowance payment. The name of the cost centre will also be displayed.

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