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Delete Old Information

The Delete Old Information option in the Utilities menu is used for deleting old information and clearing out old terminated employees. Exo Payroll retains a minimum of two years' worth of historical information and one year of posted batches. You can only use this option after you have been running the Exo Payroll for two years. Only use this option if your hard drive space is at a premium or the size of the Exo Payroll database is affecting performance.

NOTE: The ATO requires that you retain at least seven years of payroll data - if you are deleting data more recent than seven years old, you should archive the company so that a copy of the older data is available for reporting purposes.

Delete information for Select whether to delete information for the Exo Payroll module, the Time and Attendance module or both.

Delete terminated employees Select this option if you want to delete old terminated employees while you are deleting old information.

Delete Payroll/Exo Time and Attendance information before date The default date in this field is two years before the current system date (one year for Exo Time and Attendance). Any information after these dates will not be deleted.

Delete clock transactions before date All imported time clock transactions before the selected date will be deleted.

Once all options are set, click Delete. You are required to perform a backup before deleting information.

NOTE: Once old records have been deleted, there is no way of recovering them from the company database. Make sure that your data has been backed up and/or archived before deleting old information.

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