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Cost Centre Structure Names

Cost Centre codes must conform to the structure set up in the Payment Setup section of the Setup Payroll window. For example, the structure may be that the first digit of a Cost Centre code represents the State, the next digit represents the Department and the next two digits represent the Expense. The Cost Centre Structure Names window lets you assign names to the codes available in each section of the code structure. For example, in the State section, you may want the code 1 to represent "ACT", the code 2 to represent "NSW", the code 3 to represent "NT" and so on.

These names are used to auto-generate the Cost Centre Name when adding a new Cost Centre.

Setting up new Cost Centre Structure Names (or changing existing ones) will rename any existing Cost Centres that use the codes they correspond to.

Open the Cost Centre Structure Names window by selecting Costing > Cost Centre Structure Names from the Maintenance menu.

To assign a name to a Cost Centre section code
  1. Select the Analysis Type, i.e. the section of the Cost Centre structure. These correspond to the Analysis Codes set up in the Payment Setup section of the Setup Payroll window.

  2. Enter a code or click Find for a list of all codes defined for the selected Analysis Type:

  3. Enter/edit the name for the code.

  4. Click Save or press F10.

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