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Backup Fingerprints

The TR3 Timeclock can optionally be fitted with a biometric fingerprint reader, as opposed to a magnetic swipe card reader. Therefore, instead of giving an employee a swipe card, you would be using the TR3 keypad to register new employees, with their own fingerprints being the mechanism by which clock-in and clock-outs are recorded. The backup feature preserves the details of registered fingerprints by archiving the index of ard numbers and fingerprints.

Fingerprints should be backed up at least once a week if they are not backed up, the ensuing process of re-registering all fingerprints can be time-consuming and disruptive. The Backup Fingerprints function is only applicable to TR3 Timeclocks.

To back up fingerprints
  1. Select the Backup Fingerprints option on the Special Clock Functions screen. A picklist of Timeclocks appears.

  2. Highlight the Timeclock that you want to backup fingerprints from, then click on the Select button.

  3. When the backup process is complete, a confirmation message appears. Click OK.

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