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2022.03 release notes - AU

The 2022.03 release includes the ability to manage and pay domestic and family violence leave, improved password security and a new way to email payslips securely, as well as a number of other improvements and fixes.

Need assistance? If you have any questions or you need assistance with installing this update, please contact your MYOB Accredited Business Partner. Alternatively, the answers to most common installation issues can be found in the MYOB Exo Employer Services support articles.


Pre-install requirements

Requirements for PCs running Exo Employer Services components are detailed on the Minimum System Requirements page.

Installing Exo Employer Services

Information on installing and upgrading MYOB Exo Employer Services is maintained on the MYOB Enterprise Knowledgebase. See the following articles:

Check the release

To check that this release installed successfully, check that the versions displayed on the About window (Help menu > About) match the versions listed here:

MYOB Exo Employer Services2022.03
MYOB Exo Payroll2022.03
MYOB Exo Employee Information2022.03
MYOB Exo Time and Attendance2022.03
Runtime Files09.00.0000.7423

New features

Password change required by April 30   After the deadline you will no longer be able to login with your current passwords, so make sure you've updated them by then.

Paid family and domestic violence leave (FDVL)

The Australian Government has introduced paid family and domestic violence leave (FDVL) for all employees. To help you comply with these changes, we've updated MYOB Exo Employer Services to make managing this new type of leave easy.

The new leave takes effect on different dates depending on the number of employees you have:

  • 15 or more employees: 1 February 2023
  • less than 15 employees: 1 August 2023

Your employees will automatically be credited with their FDVL balances as soon as you update. We recommend larger employers update straight away, but if you have less than 15 employees you can postpone updating until you're ready.

FDVL is managed similarly to other types of leave. You can set it up on the Leave Management Setup screen and your employees' Leave Entitlements Tab, and add it to current pays from the Leave Management screen. Most of the setup will be done for you when you update, including your employees' initial 10-day entitlement balance and their annual entitlement of 10 days granted on their employment anniversary, though you might need to check a few things like the cost centre and payslip name.

For more information about the new legislation and what you need to do to complete the setup, see our article on Paid family and domestic violence leave - Australia.

Improved password security

To make your payroll data more secure and comply with ATO guidance, we've added new requirements to the passwords you use to log in to MYOB Exo Employer Services.

Passwords now need to be a minimum of 14 characters long, and include at least one letter, one number and one of the following symbols: @ # $ % ^ * ( ) { } | \ ; : " ' [ ] / ? -. The deadline for these changes in April 30. We've included warning messages in the software to help you with the process, but any logins that haven't had their password updated by then will stop working.

To update your password go to User Security > Details, and click Change Password.

Secure email payslips

Microsoft is planning to phase out basic authentication of emails sent via SMTP. So you can continue to email payslips securely, we've added the option to send them via a secure and reliable MYOB email server.


Delete open pays

To make it easier to re-enter pays, we've added the aibility to delete current open pays of all pay frequencies.

Deleted pays will be added to the eventlog table for auditing purposes, and any entered leave will be cleared. Users need the Update Pay security permission to delete current pays.

Updated child support and protected earnings amounts

We've updated the following rates that apply from 1 January 2023:

  • Weekly: $456.53
  • Fortnightly: $913.06 (weekly × 2)
  • Monthly: $1985.09 (daily × 30.4375)
Minor changes
  • Added new optional columns to the Pay Details screen – Standard Pay Wage Hours and This Pay Wage Hours. The columns are included in export files, and can be added into to the Pay Details view.
  • To help avoid incorrect entries, a warning message will now pop-up when creating a one-off pay with a date 3 months from the date showing in the title bar.
  • Fixed misleading wording on the PAYG for BAS Report by adding a new row for Reportable non-taxable allowances.
  • To save time and act as a reminder, the Salary Adjustment screen will pop up in the One Off Pay screen when adding paid leave for a salaried employee with a salary amount in the pay,

Resolved issues

Exo Payroll

Repeated corruption of Super.dbf causing report issues.

Superannuation Summary report overstating employees earnings figures if employee has changed funds.

Super guarantee amounts not exported to CSV or Excel.

Cannot access Sender ID Type for newly added superannuation providers.

Reports still bring up a warning for minimum super when it no longer applies.

Deleting employees who have no pay history from Employee Maintenance and Employee List should not receive “Pay was not found” message.

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