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2022.02 release notes - AU

The 2022.02 release includes:

  • Updates to the New South Wales payroll tax.
  • The ability to opt out of reporting child support for STP Phase 2.
  • Resolutions for issues.

Need assistance? If you have any questions or you need assistance with installing this update, please contact your MYOB Accredited Business Partner. Alternatively, the answers to most common installation issues can be found in the MYOB Exo Employer Services support articles.


Pre-install requirements

Requirements for PCs running Exo Employer Services components are detailed on the Minimum System Requirements page.

Installing Exo Employer Services

Information on installing and upgrading MYOB Exo Employer Services is maintained on the MYOB Enterprise Knowledgebase. See the following articles:

Check the release

To check that this release installed successfully, check that the versions displayed on the About window (Help menu > About) match the versions listed here:

MYOB Exo Employer Services2022.02
MYOB Exo Payroll2022.02
MYOB Exo Employee Information2022.02
MYOB Exo Time and Attendance2022.02
Runtime Files09.00.0000.7423

New features

Updated New South Wales payroll tax

The temporary rate reduction due to the COVID-19 pandemic has ended. From 1 July 2022, the New South Wales payroll tax rate is 5.45%.

There is no change to the monthly threshold amounts:

Days in the monthThreshold
Excluding child support from Single Touch Payroll

When reporting through STP, it isn't mandatory to include child support deductions or garnishees. In MYOB Exo Employer Services, you can now choose to exclude child support from your STP report by selecting the new Child Support - Non-Reportable checkbox on the Deduction Maintenance screen.

Resolved issues

Exo Payroll
Issue IDsDescription
CE00029151 CE00028999When reporting lump sum E payments for Single Touch Payroll, only the three most recent financial years were included. This has been resolved so that the ten most recent financial years are included.

On the Superannuation Maintenance screen, if you changed the Minimum Earnings Base field to 0.00 before the start of the new financial year on 1 July 2022, the change wasn't being saved. This has been resolved.


When updating the country code of a terminated working holiday maker (WHM), pressing F9 to find and update another terminated WHM caused all country codes to be incorrectly set to the same code. This has been resolved.

182228321013The Current Pay, One-Off Pay and Standard Pay were incorrectly calculating Medicare levy surcharge amounts. This has been resolved.
CE00029360 CE00029191On the Superannuation Provider Maintenance screen, you can now enter longer SMSF fund names in the Account Name field. The field's character limit has been increased from 25 to 200.

When submitting an STP batch, even successful submissions would cause an error message to appear: "The pay event data submission to ATO was failed with the following message. Severity: Information Text: Message accepted Detail: Error Code: CMN.ATO.GEN.OK". This has been resolved for new STP batches.

For more information, see STP submission fails with error: "CMN.ATO.GEN.OK" (Australia).

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