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Why can't I Commit to Payroll/Submit to Payroll in Timesheets?


Problem Description

When in the Timesheets screen, I can't select the Commit to Payroll or Submit to Payroll options under dropdown.

Why it happens

This will happen either:

  • If the Self Manage Payroll option isn't on.
  • Because individual shifts have Alerts pending.  Shifts need to be moved through the Approve/Authorise process.
  • The User doesn't have sufficient access to the Location the Timesheets are for to approve them.


Check that Self Manage Payroll is turned on.

Under Company Settings > Features

Make sure that both the following settings are on:

  • Self Manage Payroll
  • Enable Internal Pay Runs.

Check the timesheets for alerts. 

Make sure that you can Approve and Authorise the individual timesheets.

Check the Location Access for your user.

Make sure you've checked the Exact permission groups assigned to the User in the Employees screen.  To be able to Commit to or Submit to Payroll you need an appropriate Permission Group for that Location:


Check the Permission Group for your user.

If you are using a custom Permission Group rather than the built in permission groups, check your permissions.

In the Settings > Permission Groups screen, make sure that the group in question has a tick for the Payroll Management box:

This is the permission that ultimately controls whether you are allowed to Commit/Submit a timesheet to Payroll.

ScreenID: /timesheets/

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