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Why aren't costs showing on roster screen?


Problem Description

When viewing the roster for a period, no costs are displayed.



This can be a number of causes, depending on your system configuration.

  1. Check that you have the filter for Costings ticked, this is at the top right hand of the screen and looks like a dollar sign.  After clicking the dollar sign, make sure that Costing is ticked.

    If you can't see the above options, this implies your User doesn't have sufficient access to either the Location you are viewing, or the direct costing information.  Check your permissions with your super user.
  2. Check that the Shifts have been COSTED using the ... "Cost" option, see below screenshot:
  3. If shifts have been Costed, or Recosted, and no cost is appearing then please check:
    1. Your system is syncing to your Advanced Payroll/PayGlobal instance correctly. 
    2. Your Pay Rules are configured correctly.
    3. Your Pay Rules have Commencement Dates that are the same Day of the Week:
       - Note the Day of the week for the 1st of January 2022 was a Saturday
      As your Company Calendar (From Management > Settings > Company Settings > Week Starts:

      In this case, support (2022/01/21 ) found that changing the Payrule commencement date to a Monday (03/01/2022) fixed the costing issue.



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