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Supported browsers for Super Selector

When onboarding employees to Advanced Workforce Management, you have the option of enabling Super Selector (Powered by Flare HR). Super Selector is a web-based software as a service (SaaS) application that runs in a web browser.

Super Selector is tested with the following web browsers running in Windows or macOS. Your browser must be a stable release version; not an alpha, beta, nightly, or development build. This applies to all browsers, regardless of operating system.
Our testing suggests that Google Chrome provides the best performance when running Super Selector (powered by Flare HR).

Setting up your browser to work with Super Selector

Before you can use Super Selector, you need to make sure you've enabled the correct settings in your browser.

Supported browsers


  • Google Chrome: latest two versions, PC & Mac
  • Apple Safari: latest two versions, Mac
  • Microsoft Edge: latest two versions, PC

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.


Not all Super Selector features are optimised for mobile devices. In these cases, Super Selector (powered by Flare HR) supports Chrome and Safari's mobile browsers on the following devices:

  • iOS 12 and later - Safari / Chrome
  • Android 9 and later - Chrome

Limited support is provided for generic Android devices.


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