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Problems logging in

6 June 2023 – Password reset email problems

There is currently an issue causing some password reset emails not to be sent as expected. If you are having this problem, follow this process:

  1. Do another password reset, checking that your email address is correct.
  2. Wait ten minutes, to give the reset email time to be generated and sent.
  3. Check any spam folders or other filters on your email account.
  4. If you still haven't received the password reset email, contact your How do I get technical support? so that they can resolve the problem for you.

This page is about problems logging in to MYOB Advanced Workforce Management, and how to resolve them. These problems can include:

  • Blank screens
  • A "Something went wrong" error message
  • A login loop (where you are repeatedly asked to login)
  • An "Oh no!" error on the MYOB Advanced Teams mobile app.

If you are getting these issues, first try clearing your browser cache and cookies, If that doesn't work, the issue may be caused by incorrect permission settings.

Clearing your browser cache and cookies

In many cases, clearing your browser cache and cookies will resolve this issue.

For instructions, see your browser's documentation. You only need to delete cached files and images, and cookies – there is no need to delete browsing history, saved passwords, or other data.

Fixing user permissions

It is strongly recommended that "View own employee profile" is given to all custom permission groups.

Resolution steps

  • Check the employee's settings under Employee Profile > Location Access
  • Check which Permission group they are assigned.
  • Either:
    • Fix the employee only:
      Change their group to a built in permission group (Employee is a good test).
    • Fix the permission group:
      Go to Management > Settings > Manage Permissions
      Change the permission group to include the "View own employee profile" privilege.

Examples of errors

Web app: blank screen

If the computer has been logged into Workforce Management before, the screen may just be blank.

Web app: Loading then error: Hmm... Something went wrong

Mobile App: Oh No! What happened We had an issue retrieving data.




If you need more help with this topic, contact your MYOB Advanced Workforce Management partner. If MYOB support you directly, email

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