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On-Time Breakdown vs Lateness Report

Why are the On-Time Breakdown and the Lateness Report showing different figures?

Managers may notice that the On-Time Breakdown on the dashboard does not match the Lateness Report figures.


This is because they source their information from slightly different sources.

On-Time Breakdown

The On Time Breakdown appears on the Management Dashboard on the homepage.

Example On-Time Breakdown graph

The "On-Time breakdown" takes is based on the Actual Clock Time.

Lateness Report

Example Lateness Report

The Lateness Report is based on the Timesheet Start Time.

What's the Difference?

Actual Clock TIme is the actual time an employee clocked in.

Timesheet Start Time is the rounded time, based on Rounding Rules.

This means that the two reports will show subtly different data and can't be directly compared.



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