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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.10 August 2023

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.10 includes some big improvements to onboarding flows, and makes it easier for sites using our legacy onboarding functionality to upgrade to the latest version. In addition, your employees will see big improvements to the way they view their leave balances and how they receive shift availability requests.

What's new?

View leave balances with future leave included

To make it easier to manage employee leave, you can now see leave balances adjusted for future leave that's been approved.

To do this, we've added an As of: date to the Leave and Availability tab of the employee profile, and will show the Current leave balance, Future approved leave, and Net balance as of that date.

Flexible onboarding flows

To reduce the need to maintain a large number of onboarding flows, you can now include optional steps that only apply to new hires for specific employment types, positions, or locations.

For example, instead of a separate onboarding flow for each location, you can now make a single flow with just a separate step for each location. This is particularly useful when you change other parts of your onboarding flow, as you will have to make the change once.

For more information, see Creating onboarding flows.

Quickly upgrade legacy onboarding flows

To make it easier to move to the improved experience, we've added an option to upgrade older onboarding flows.

This feature is available to MYOB Advanced Workforce Management consultants and partners, so get in touch with your support person to make sure you're upgraded before the legacy onboarding system is retired.

View and update employee usernames

To make it easier to check and fix login problems, we've made usernames visible on the employee profile, and added an Update login username option so that it can be changed. Administrators can also see employees' usernames, to assist with login problems.

We've also given MYOB Advanced Workforce Management consultants and partners the ability to update usernames on behalf of other users.

For more information, see Changing your username or password.

The login username is not always the same as the email address

In MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.8 we improved security by separating employee usernames from the email addresses their onboarding emails are sent to. In many cases they were the same, but not always, and this could be confusing. These new features make this change transparent.

Grouped shift availability requests

To reduce unneccessary notifications and make it easier for your employees to see which shifts are available, MYOB Advanced Workforce Management now groups shift availability requests into a single email.

When you click the Request Availability for Unassigned option on the Roster screen, employees will now get a single email that lists the shifts they qualify for, instead of an email for each shift.

Soon-to-expire visas added to the dashboard

To help you stay ahead of employee visa requirements, the dashboard notification now includes vias that are expiring in the next 60 days, in addition to those that have already expired.

What's fixed?

We've fixed a variety of issues and made some minor corrections corrections to the user interface, including the following:

Leave balances showing with more than 2 decimal pointsFixed
Users with manager and higher permissions unable to see leave requests on the Leave screenFixed
Leave balances not updating in real time on Leave & Availability tab in employee profile.Fixed – no longer have to resfresh the screen to see the changes
Only company-wide positions are showing when adding steps to onboarding flowsFixed
Pay rule match categories being modified by future rules, causing a category match to run for longer than intendedFixed



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