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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 8.4 February 2022

We have updated MYOB Advanced Workforce Management to version 8.4 with the following improvements and bug fixes.

What's new?

Demand-based roster (sales forecast)

It is now possible to build a roster based on forecast sales. This powerful new feature uses sales forecast data from the point of sale system to create the necessary number of shifts within a roster template, ensuring adequate staffing levels.

Building rosters based on sales forecasts.

Updated company settings

We have reworked the Company Settings panel to make it easier to navigate. Settings have been appropriately consolidated and are now grouped into tabs. We also merged functions from Company Settings, Company Configuration, Company MFA Settings and Theming under the Company Settings section.

To access, navigate to Management > Settings > Company settings.

Click Save to save any changes made to company settings.

What's changed?

  • The Duplicate employees and Manager notifications settings pages were removed.
  • When using MYOB Advanced Workforce Management to manage payroll, the Service location field on the location is now mandatory.
  • As part of the 8.4.6 hot fix, the Employee Settings page has been disabled.

What's fixed?

  • When adding a new shift from a grouped roster view, requirements from positions and locations are now automatically added.
  • Sometimes Date of birth was not captured during the onboarding process.
  • Some users were unable to edit Rosterable status for employees using the bulk edit.

Known issue

The following issue has been identified in this release:

Theming tile opens blank page

The Theming tile is still present in the 8.4 release, but only opens a blank page. This tile will be removed in an future release.

To access Theming, go to Management > Settings > Company Settings.

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