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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 8.3 January 2022

We have updated MYOB Advanced Workforce Management to version 8.3 with the following improvements and bug fixes.

What's new?

Enhanced employee requirements

We've extended the functionality of Employee Requirements. You can now:

  • More easily track employees' COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • Prevent employees who do not meet COVID-19 vaccination requirements from being rostered.
  • Provide more sophistication around other general employee requirements.
  • Add a requirement to a location.
  • Add a requirement to a position.

You can also restrict visibility of specific Employee Requirements users with specific permissions. This ensures that sensitive information, such as COVID-19 vaccination status or other medical information, is only available to relevant managers and team leaders.


For more information, see the help page about Using employee requirements to track COVID-19 vaccination status.
New look for My Profile

We've updated the My Profile screen, improving the user experience and making the interface more consistent with the rest of Workforce Management. In particular, we've organised information into easy-to-navigate tabs on the left side of the screen.

New permission settings

We've added two new permission settings within a Permission Group:

  • View employees licensing and training – Enables administrators to delegate access to view and update "Licenses and Training" materials that employees have uploaded.
  • Create and update employees licensing and training – Enables administrators to restrict access to potentially sensitive information (such as vaccination status).

These settings are located in Settings > Manage Permissions.

Pay rules engine update

For customers who use MYOB Advanced, MYOB PayGlobal or other businesses directly maintaining their own payroll rule sets, we've added the ability to apply leave loading for specific leave types.

What's changed?

  • Cost breakdown rounding on timesheets and roster screens is now consistent.
  • You can now create more than one type of sick leave. For example, some companies might have "Sick leave" and "Extended sick leave".
  • For Australian users, we have updated the onboarding message for employees who did not choose either their own superannuation fund or the employer's default fund in line with the latest regulations. The new message says: "From 1 November 2021, if you start a new job and you do not advise your employer of your choice of super fund by completing this page, most employers will need to check with the ATO if you have an existing super account to pay your super into."
  • For New Zealand employees using Workforce Management to manage payroll, the Tax Code field is now locked and can only be set by answering the income questions.

What's fixed?

  • Fixed an issue preventing employees from logging in if they were manually onboarding plus still had a pending onboarding invite.
  • Fixed a bug where manually created shifts which included a break didn't have that break start and end times recorded in the audit log.
  • Fixed start and end date validation when adding pay run.
  • Fixed company MFA setting updates not taking effect after saving.
  • Fixed bank name drop down not populating for SimplePay and self managed payroll customers in Hong Kong.
  • Sending/resending invites from the Hire->Status screen now use the default invite message if configured in company settings.
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