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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 8.0 September 2021

What's new?

  • The roster has a sleek new look that helps managers visualise performance and make more informed decisions. All of the roster's essential functions are the same, but items are now grouped in a more logical way. These changes make the roster is easier to navigate, quicker to edit, more responsive and more accessible.

  • Managers can use the new demand-based templates when rostering. These templates let you set rules based on variables like the ratio of staff to customer, and the minimum and maximum numbers of staff available during a shift. The smart rostering feature then process these rules against the booking data to maximise efficiency and ensure lean operations.

  • The import function now imports employees' visa information.

  • The new Settings > Employee Access tool lets managers grant or revoke different levels of access for multiple employees at once.

  • The Paygroup field has been removed from the Management > Settings menu, because it wasn't applicable for Advanced Workforce Management.

What's fixed?

  • On visa and passport details, you can no longer enter invalid issue and expiry date ranges.

  • Location-specific roster templates now only allow shifts to be filled by positions for that location and its sub-locations

  • Company-wide roster templates now only allow company-wide positions to fill shifts.

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