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MYOB Advanced Team 4.13.0 - May 2023

MYOB Advanced Team 4.13.0 greatly expands managers' ability to work with shifts and rosters on the go, with a new roster view and the ability to edit both shifts and timesheets from the app.

What's new?

View the roster from the mobile app

To expand the management functions available from the mobile app, we've added a new Roster screen to the Manager tab. Managers can now view and edit shifts straight from the app.

Edit shifts and timesheets in the mobile app

To make it easier for managers to update shifts and timesheets on the go, they can now do this in the mobile app.

We've added an Edit Timesheet button to the Manager > Timesheet screen, and the new Manager > Roster screen has an Edit shift button.

Add locations to employee expense claims

When employees are making expense claims through the app, they can now assign a location.

Mobile leave type restrictions based on leave rules

The leave application restrictions introduced in the web app in version 9.5 now also apply to the mobile app. For more information, see Managing available leave types using leave entitlements.

Expense request improvements

Two improvements to mobile expense requests:

  • Employees without View own employee expenses permission can no longer lodge expense claims through the mobile app.
  • Employees can now submit mileage expense claims in distance units, which will be converted into dollars automatically.
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