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Managing employee availability

 In MYOB Advanced Workforce Management, employee availability is managed by entering their unavailability as a type of leave. This is especially useful for casual employees, who do not normally take other types of leave.

Setting up unavailability leave

Unavailable is a built-in leave type for casual employees, though you do have the option to make the requests approve automatically. If you would like full- and part-time employees to enter unavailability in the same way, you'll need to create a custom leave type.

Ensure that no pay rules are set up to create time worked based off Unavailable leave types.

Allow auto-approval of unavailability for casual staff

Turning on automatic approval allows casual staff's unavailability requests to be approved without a manager.

  1. Go to Management > Settings > Company Settings > Features.
  2. Select Yes for Allow auto approve of unavailability.
  3. Click Save.

Set up an unavailability leave type for part- and full-time employees

To let employees who aren't casuals submit unavailability requests, you need to create a leave type for that purpose.

  1. Go to Management > Settings > Leave Types.
  2. Select the appropriate settings:
    • Name: Unavailable
    • Service Type: n/a
    • Minimum Balance: 0
    • Show Balance to Employee: No
    • Available: Yes
    • Auto Approve: Select this is you would like unavailability requests to be automatically approved without a manager.
    • Create Timesheet: No
  3. Click Save.

For more information on this screen, see How do I add leave types?.

Entering unavailability leave

To enter employee availability, managers and employees submit and approve leave requests as normal. The leave will show on the Roster and Manage Time screens in the same way as other types of leave.

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