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How do I add leave types?

As a manager you can add/edit/delete a leave type and or change the filter settings for each leave type on the Leave Types settings page.

  1. On the dashboard, click Management > Settings, then click on the Leave Types tile.

  2. You are redirected to the Leave Types page. To add a new leave type, click the Add new button.

  3. The Leave Type window appears. Fill out all the necessary details then click Save.

  • The Leave Type's name.

  • The Service Type - if you are integrating MYOB Advanced Workforce Management with MYOB Advanced Payroll, entitlements from Advanced Payroll will be available for selection in this field. Select the entitlement that the leave type maps to here.

  • The minimum leave balance threshold for the Leave Type. Employees will receive an error message if they submit a leave request that exceeds this threshold.

  • Show Balance to Employee - When ticked, this displays the leave balance for that leave type so employees can see their leave balance.

  • Available - When ticked, employee can select the leave type from the Type dropdown when creating a leave request.

  • Auto Approve - When ticked, leave is auto approved when filed and will not be subjected to any manager's approval.

  • Create Timesheet - When ticked, a timesheet is created for the when filed, based on the employee's shift pattern or the company's default shift pattern.



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