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Known Issues

This page lists current issues affecting MYOB Advanced Workforce Management, and how close we are to fixing them.








Agreements cannot be updated by Administrator or Partner users.

When editing an agreement, changes won’t save presenting an “Unauthorized” error.

Contact support to have a MYOB super user make necessary changes.

In Backlog



Cloning Pay rule version as part of a pay condition is blocked with message “ApolloError: Internal server error”

When cloning a Pay Rule Version that has been cloned before, this error comes up incorrectly.

Clone the newest clone of the Pay Rule Version each time, rather than cloning the original repeatedly.
Contact Support for a data fix if you urgently need to clone a pay rule version and are blocked by this error.

In Backlog


Adding system users provides error “Unable to add system user” with no explanation.

This is a non blocking/false error, the user is actually created/invited successfully.
You can confirm this by checking the Employee List directly.

Invited user is actually creating correctly to the employee list, so ask the invited user to check their emails.

In Backlog


NZ Only - Kiwisaver Opt Out also opts out of non-kiwisaver schemes.

When an employee is set to have a Kiwisaver savings suspension then the system will also suspend any additional superannuation items configured in payroll.

Either choose an Opt Out for the employee, or manually update the employee after each update from WFM to ensure the correct settings for additional superannuation items.

In Backlog



NZ Only - Employee sync error when employee is opted out of Kiwisaver but also a member of an additional superannuation scheme with at least 2 pay items included.

An incorrect sync error about Member IDs not matching will appear if an employee who has multiple additional superannuation items configured to 1 superfund opts out of Kiwisaver.

Either choose an Opt Out for the Employee, or manually update the employee so they no longer have 2 pay items against a single super fund.

In Backlog



Mobile app crashes for (some) users when clicking “Today’s Staff” under management options

For users on custom permission groups, if the user is given access to rostering & time and attendance information, but not “View Full Employee Information” then the mobile app crashes when they click the Today’s Staff button.

Either use the inbuilt Manager group, or edit the custom permission group to either remove the Today’s Staff tile completely, or add the View Full Employee Information permission.

In Backlog



Reporting - Probation Report shows deleted employees

Employees who are deleted when they still have a Probation Period active still appear on the Probation Report.

Restore the employees from the Settings > Restore Employee menu, action the probation to complete it, then delete the employee again.

In Backlog



Roster – Default cost centre sometimes doesn’t apply (when using Add Standard Hours)

The default cost centre functionality doesn’t work with the add standard hours workflow, this can lead to issues if shifts are then completed

If affected by an individual workflow, add shifts manually, or via template system, rather than via the add standard hours function if cost centres are required.

In Backlog



Notification Settings - "All Locations" option doesn't work if no locations are within reach of the currently selected location

Selecting All Locations will appear to change, but on save will revert to saying locations have notifications. This is a graphical display issue which happens when you are viewing an em0ployee but their access isn’t visible as they are further than 1 level away from the location you are viewing from.

Change your workforce management location (Top left of screen) to match the Location the employee has in their Location access record.

In Backlog



Probation Reviews dashboard/report shows deleted employees.

Deleted employees are unexpectedly showing on the Probation Reviews dashboard.

Restore the deleted employee, complete their probation review, then delete employee again.

In backlog



Leave - Half Day leave requests are not half a day if Standard Hours break isn't exactly centered in the day

Due to the way standard hours are calculated with half day leave requests, they aren’t a half day if the standard hours break isn’t in the exact centre of the shift.

Use Hours instead of Half Days to select the correct amount of time.

In backlog



Onboarding - “Hiring Manager” permission level doesn’t allow access to Documents tab of employees hired.

The Hiring Manager permission level used for onboarding only mode doesn’t allow access to the documents tab.

Have an Administrator review the documents tab for the Hiring Manager.

In backlog



Onboarding - Validation message refers to “Pay Rule Id” or “Pay type” but there are no fields called this.

These fields have been renamed.
”Pay Rule Id” refers to “Pay condition”
”Pay type” refers to ”Employment type”

Update Pay Condition or Employment Type as required.

In backlog



Onboarding - Requirements Expiry date does not correctly show as mandatory when expiry is required.

The expiry date is mandatory, and the form won’t save, but the field isn’t correctly indicated as requiring an expiry date in the UI.

Enter expiry date manually.

In backlog



Onboarding - Requirements - Invalid file format warning won’t let you choose new file until you press Save

If you try to upload an unsupported file type and are given an unsupported file warning, you cannot immediately choose a new file.

Press save or refresh the page, then attach the correct document manually.

In backlog



Onboarding - Bank Information page doesn’t allow additional accounts during onboarding

The “Primary account?” question is displayed during onboarding, but selecting no doesn’t allow you to select another account.

Set just 1 bank account during onboarding, add additional bank accounts in the desktop or mobile app later.

In backlog



Lateness Reports - date selection uses GMT not local time.

The dates used to select information in the lateness report are in GMT, not local time.

Always choose periods including the day after and the day before the time you want to view to make sure you catch all time.

In backlog



New employee imports blocked by visa warning

New employees are prompting visa warnings if the Visa columns are in the import file uploaded, but empty.

Delete the Visa columns from the employee import template before importing, as this avoids the visa validation.

In Backlog



Leave requests for TOIL or sick leave (in NZ only) for new employees are approved even though they don't have enough leave.

Leave types that have not had any changes made to them (though leave requests or accruals) do not enforce the minimum balance rules. This means in very rare cases, employees could be given leave incorrectly.

Check leave balances when approving leave for new employees.

Under investigation



Putting through leave TOIL or sick leave (in NZ only) gives an incorrect number of hours for the shift.

When converting a shift into a leave request, the amount of leave does not match the number of hours on the shift.

Manually change the number of leave hours against the timesheet generated by the leave request.

Under investigation



Issues when signing into MYOB Workforce Management

When signing into MYOB Workforce Management, you may encounter one of the following:

  • be stuck at the "Signing in" stage

  • the page loads but is in grey colour

  • error "Hmm... Something went wrong" error message

Make sure all custom permission groups have minimum access of "View Own Employee Profile". Clear web browser's cache and cookies.

Under investigation



(NZ only) Alternative holiday based solely on standard hours

If an employee does not have standard hours for either Sunday or Tuesday, or they work differently from their scheduled standard hours, their alternative public holiday may incorrectly calculate as being on Sunday. This can affect payroll amounts if an employee picks up a shift on Sunday or Tuesday. 

No workaround.

Under investigation

Not available


New employee cannot onboard with invitation link due to an error

If a new employee clicked the invitation link and did not complete the onboarding, when they resume later they may get an error "The invitation for this employee has already been accepted".

Ask the onboarding employee to log in directly at or click on the Onboarding tab on the top right to complete the remaining onboarding steps.

Under investigation



Roster screen is not updating

Any saved changes made to the Roster screen is not updated to show.

Clear cookies, especially cookies for, then perform a hard refresh by holding down Ctrl and the web browser's refresh button or the F5 key.

Under investigation



Partner and Administrator users cannot see Security settings

Partner and Administrator users have no access to Security tab in Company Settings.

Contact MYOB Support to change MFA settings for any permission groups.

In backlog

“On Costs” feature on employee settings/location screens not functioning correctly.

The “Override on costs” feature in Locations/Employee screens is not currently fully implemented.

To be addressed in a future release

Feature not fully implemented.


Advanced Employee Onboarding mode - some features are displayed if you are logged in as an administrator, but are unusable.

In standalone onboarding mode, some features are not fully available, but will still show on menus for the administrator user. These include: Roster & Manage Permissions

Don’t attempt to use the Manage Permissions feature, or the Roster. If you are unable to use these features and think you should be able to contact your support partner to discuss options.

Known Limitation


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