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How to update the Default Standard Hours

As a manager, you have the ability to update your company's default Standard Hours. Default Standard Hours are used to advise the system which days and what times are considered standard work hours. The system uses this information to calculate the hours required for leave requests.

For example, if your business only worked Monday to Friday 9-5 and employees took a 1-hour break each day, this would be your default standard hours. Any employees working in the business that did differing hours would need standard hours added directly to their profile. The individual standard hours will always override the Default Standard Hours.

How does this default standard hours calculate hours required for leave? In the example above where the standard hours is Mon-Fri 9-5 with 1-hour break each day. If the employee applied for 12 days leave starting on Monday and when through to the following Friday (M, T, W, T, F, S, S, M, T, W, T, F,) the system would ignore the Saturday and Sunday when adding up the leave days as these two days are not part of the employee's standard hours, which in this case (as he doesn't have a personal standard hours) is the Default Standard Hours. Therefore, the employee will only have 10 days worth of Leave Balance deducted.

To update the default Standard Hours:

  1. On the header bar, click Management then click Settings.

  2. On the Settings page, click the Default Shift Pattern tile.

  3. On the Default Standard Hours screen, you can view, edit and delete Standard Hours.

When making any changes on this screen, ensure that the details are correct, as this will greatly affect the leave calculations of all employees without individual standard hours.

To delete a Standard Hours for a certain day, untick the checkbox for that day. The system will automatically clear the row for that day and the fields will be disabled. Click the Save standard hours button to save the changes.

To add/edit standard hours for a certain day, tick the checkbox for that day. Fields are then be enabled, allowing you to enter the shift start time, shift end time and shift break time and/or make any necessary details. Click the Save standard hours button to save the changes.

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