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How to fix employee leave balances too low compared to Payroll

Advanced Workforce Management works by receiving leave balances sent to it by the Leave Projection from Advanced Payroll. and then subtracting any outstanding leave timesheets from that figure.

This means if the balance is different than expected, it almost always means there’s a timesheet for that kind of leave sitting unpaid in the Time screen in Workforce Management.

Because Leave Requests aren’t sent to Payroll, only completed Leave Timesheets, Workforce Management needs to subtract any unpaid leave from balances it displays.

Optional: Confirm leave balance in Payroll

Optional: Confirm leave balance in Payroll

Knowing the difference between Payroll and Workforce Management can make it easier to identify which timesheets are unpaid.

In Advanced, if you are a payroll administrator you can confirm the exact figure being sent to Workforce Management in the hidden screen MPPP4021 (Projected Leave Balances). This screen uses the business date to show what balances Payroll thinks they’ll have on a given day in the future.


The Business Date at the top of the screen defines what day leave is projected to.

Select projected date at the top right

Choose your Employee ID

Use the Balances tab to confirm what balance is being sent to Workforce Management.

Check the Employee to determine dates that need to be checked.

Check the Employee to determine dates that need to be checked.

Check current balance in Workforce Management in Leave tab of Employee

For managers, the easiest way to see an employees balances is at the employee’s leave balances screen.
They’re below their leave request history:


Note: The “As At” date is used to fetch a the projected balance from Payroll, making an easy way to check “Will they have enough leave in 3 months?” for leave requests.

If an employee has approved leave, it will show up here by either:

Deducting from the Current Leave Balance (if it’s before the projected date), or the Future Approved leave.
This happens for all “Approved” Leave. Pending leave doesn’t count.


The 22 Hours of pending leave don’t come off the leave balance.

Once you approve the leave, it comes off the balance.


With the past date approved, the current leave balance & net balances are deducted from.

Check the amount of leave you’re expecting from Payroll, vs the Current Leave balance figure.

The difference between these two might help you figure out which leave request you need to process.

Find the unprocessed leave timesheets in the Time screen

Find the unprocessed leave timesheets in the Time screen

Use the filter in the time screen to select for just the leave type you want. If possible select just the 1 employee.

The filter options (accessed using the Funnel at the top of the time screen) are a great way to look at just the information you need.

In particular the Leave Type filter makes it easier to see the type you need, but using the Location, Position or Pay Run Template options to cut down on employees could also help.


You’ll also want to change the grouping to either By Employee or By Status.

Look for Leave that is at any stage other than Payrolled:

Completed (Unapproved)



Committed (to Payroll)

If leave is at one of these stages, it will continue to effect leave balances.

Clear the found leave timesheets.

Clear the found leave timesheets.

The leave timesheets need to be cleared, there are two options for this process, either.

Reject the leave timesheet ; or

Add to a Payrun

Congratulations! If you check the employee leave balances again you should find they’re fixed.

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