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How do I manage employees who use mobile clocking?

If mobile clocking has been enabled (see How to set up mobile clocking), employees can clock in using their mobile devices instead of a communal clocking app.

How do I know who has clocked in via mobile and where they have clocked in from?

In the Manage Time screen, employees who have used mobile clocking will have a location icon ( 

) next to their name.

When you expand one of these entries, you will see each recorded clocking activity for that employee. If you click on any of the recorded clocking activities, you can view more details in the popup that appears:

Click on View on map to see the location where the clocking activity took place on Google Maps.

If the mobile clocking photos are not enabled, how do I know it's the correct employee clocking in or out?

The mobile clocking feature requires an employee to be logged into their user account in the app. The system captures their unique device ID and GPS coordinates to help validate it is truly them clocking in and out of shifts.

If an employee shows me they logged in at a different time on their phone to the clock in time in the timesheet. Which one is correct?

The mobile clocking time logs are based on the locale settings in your MYOB Advanced Team employer account. If an employee accidentally has their phone set to a different time, that will have no impact on their clocking time in the timesheet entry.

If my employee cannot see the mobile clocking feature in their app, what is going on?

If you have mobile clocking enabled from your employer settings, and the employee meets the technical criteria to have this feature visible, then there could be some reasons as to why they can't see it in their app:

  • They need to have the latest version of the MYOB Advanced Team mobile app.
  • They need to have a device that supports the app (MYOB Advanced Team has been tested on Android and iOS versions 7 and later).
  • It may be enabled, but may not be loaded correctly yet. They can try the 'pull to refresh' method from within the app, or close/open a new instance of the app and it should appear.



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