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How do I lodge leave requests on an employee's behalf?

As a manager, you can add a leave request on an employee’s behalf by clicking the + button on the Leave Requests page, then filling out all the required details when submitting a leave.

Click the Leave link in the header. You will be redirected to Manage Leave page.

On this page, you will see all the Leave requests submitted by employees (Pending, Approved and Rejected Leaves). By default, all pending past and future leaves will be displayed. If "Approved" or "Declined" is selected as Status, a date picker will be displayed and you will be able to choose a date range. 

From here you can add a leave request on an employee’s behalf. Click the + button at the upper right of the screen. A window appears - fill out all the required details to submit a leave request.

  • Name - Select the employee you want to add a new request for
  • Location - Choose a location for where the leave is for
  • Type - Select a leave type (eg. Unavailable, Annual Leave, Personal Leave, etc.)
  • Allocation - Select if Full Day, Half Day, or Custom Times
  • Start Date - Select a start leave date from the date picker
  • End Date - Select an end leave date from the date picker
  • Note - Enter leave details (eg. reason for taking a leave)
  • Supporting Documentation - Upload a file for proof if any
  • Repeat Every - Select a recurrence if necessary then input an Re-occurrence End date.

For information about Estimated Balances, see Checking my leave balances

Once you’ve filled out all the required details, click the Save button. Leave will be submitted, provided there are no conflicting/clashing shifts. Make sure all the details are valid and are not clashing with the existing leaves/shifts for the same employee.

You may can the Close button if you have changed your mind - this will discard the leave request.

Once you’ve saved the leave successfully, it will display in the leave request table with the rest of the requested leaves as long as you are looking at a correct location as with the selected location for the leave.



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