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How do I add employees' standard hours to the Roster?

As a manager, you can automatically plot employee’s standard hours in the roster by selecting the Add Standard Hours option on the Roster page.

Before following the steps below, employees should have saved standard hours - see How do I add Standard Hours to an employee?

  1. From the dashboard, click Roster.
  2. Make sure that the roster is set to Day or Week view - the Add Standard Hours option is available in Day view and Week view only.
  3. Make sure the commencement date is within the date of the roster view you are trying to add standard hours to; otherwise an error message will appear.
  4. Select the Add Standard Hours option from the dropdown at the top right.
  5. The Add Standard Hours window opens. Enter the employees to add standard hours for, or tick All Employee Standard Hours, then click Add.

The saved standard hours of all employees in that location will automatically be plotted in your current roster view.



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