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Form Reference - Employees List screen

UI Description for the Employees screen:

Screenshot showing Employees screen with numbered elements.

You will also see the resend invite button (11) only when using the "Show Only: Invited" filter option.

Screenshot showing Resend Invite button when using Show Only Invited filter.

1. Add Employee

Used to add an employee immediately without going through the Onboarding/Invite process.

2. Invite Employee

Used to send an onboarding invitation to an employee.

3. Filters

Please note: Filters on the employee screen are still constrained by the Location you are logged into (top left of screen), this restriction applies before any filters you set in the Filters panel.

Brings up the Filters panel on the left side of the screen, with options

Please note, this is the full filter list available to an Administrator, some options are restricted.

Access to
Filter Option
Hiring ManagerManagerManager + FinanceManager + PayrollAdministrator
Show Only✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Pay Group✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Employment Type✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Pay Rule   ✔️✔️
Pay Level   ✔️✔️
Pay Run Template   ✔️✔️
Pay Type   ✔️✔️
Pay Hours per Week   ✔️✔️
Anniversary Date   ✔️✔️


3.A. Filter - Show Only

FIlter options for Show Only are:

Filter NameFilter Criteria
RosterableShows Payrolled employees who are Rosterable.
Non-RosterableShows Payrolled employees who are Not Rosterable. (New hires will normally be here once they finish onboarding.)
NonPayrolledShows Non-Payrolled employees. (Employees who are not synchronized to Payroll software & who are not Rosterable.)
TerminatedShows Terminated employees
InvitedShows employees at the first stage of the onboarding process, who have been sent an invite link but have not yet created an account.
OnboardingShows employees who are part way through the onboarding process, who have used the invite link they were sent to create an account but have not completed the onboarding form.
AdministrativeShows all users with the "Administrator" permission group.

3.B. Filter - Location

Filter based on their assigned Primary Location. Set in the Location Access tab of an employee.

3.C. Filter - Position

Filter based on their assigned Position.Set in the Personal Information tab of an employee.

3.D. Filter - Pay Group

Not currently a concept we use, the Pay Group filter option should be ignored.

3.E. Filter - Employment Type

Filter between Casual, Part Time & Full-Time options. Set in the Finance & Payroll tab of an employee.

3.F. Filter - Pay Rule

Filter based on Pay Rule. Set in the Finance & Payroll tab of an employee.

3.G. Filter - Pay Level

Filter based on Pay Levels. Set in the Finance & Payroll tab of an employee.

3.H. Filter - Pay Run Template

Filter based on which Pay Run Template is assigned to an employee. Set in the Finance & Payroll tab of an employee.

3.I. Filter - Pay Type

Not currently in use, the Primary Pay Type option should be ignored.

3.J. Filter - Pay Hours Per Week From/To

Filter based on the Pay Hours per Week from the Finance & Payroll tab of an employee.

3.K. Filter - Anniversary From/To

Filter based on the employee's next Anniversary date. Set in the Finance & Payroll tab of an employee.

3.L. Button - Clear Filters

Clears all filters currently set.

3.M. Button - Apply Filters

Applies settings currently selected. (Closing without pressing this discards changes/keeps your existing filter)

3. Extra Filter - Termination From/To

When viewing only Terminated employees, administrators also have access to the Termination From/To filter.

This filter may occasionally appear incorrectly if viewing other Show Only types, if it does just ignore it/leave it blank.

4. Bulk Actions

Gives the ability to Bulk Update selected employees. To use tick the box to the left of the Employee's record:

For a full list of which fields can be bulk edited, see the table below in Show/Hide Columns.

5. Show/Hide Columns

Allows you to choose what columns are displayed on screen.

Table below shows the exact column definitions and where you can set them normally.

Column NameDescriptionSet AtSourceBulk Edit?
First NameEmployee First NameEmployee - Personal Information.Person/User 
Last NameEmployee Last NameEmployee - Personal Information.Person/User 
Full NameCombination of Last Name & either Preferred Name or First Name.Employee - Personal Information.Person/User 
Primary LocationPrimary Location of Employee in WFMEmployee - Location AccessEmployee 
PositionPosition set for the employee.Employee - Personal Information.Employee✔️
Start DateStart Date with Company.Employee - Personal Information.Employee 
Anniversary DateAnniversary Date with Company.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee 
Employment TypeWhat employment type is the employee working under? Full Time/Part Time/Casual/ContractorEmployee - Finance & PayrollEmployee✔️
Pay GroupField not currently used.NANA 
RosterableIs the employee rosterable?Employee - SettingsEmployee✔️
Permission GroupPermission Group from Employee's Primary LocationEmployee - Location AccessEmployee 
Display CostingWill Costings be displayed on Rosters/Timesheets for this employee?Employee - SettingsEmployee✔️
Leave RuleField not currently used.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee 
Pay ClassificationField not currently used.NANA 
Pay LevelPay Level employee is on. Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee✔️
Pay RulePay Rule employee is on.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee✔️
Pay Run TemplateWhich Pay Run Template should the employee be attached to?Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee✔️
Pay RateRate per year/hour as set on the Employee screen.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee✔️
External ReferencePayroll system EmployeeIDEmployee - Personal Information.Employee 
Max HoursMaximum hours per week for Rostering alerts.Employee - SettingsEmployee 
Primary Pay TypeField not currently used.NANA 
Termination DateDate employee's termination happened/will happen.Employee - Employment StatusEmployee 
Last Successful SyncWhen was the linked payroll software employee last updated?System GeneratedEmployee 
Sync ErrorIf the employee has an error here, it indicates changes to their profile are failing to update their payroll software employee record.System GeneratedEmployee 
TFN (AU Only)Tax File Number - Australian Taxation IdentifierEmployee - Finance & PayrollEmployee 
IRD (NZ Only)Inland Revenue Department - New Zealand Taxation IdentifierEmployee - Finance & PayrollEmployee 
Tax Code (NZ Only)Declared tax code for the employee from their IR330.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee 
KiwiSaver Status (NZ Only)Kiwisaver contribution status.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee 
 Fields below are only available to Bulk Edit (Not visible in the Employees screen as columns, but can be updated)   
Pay basisHow is the employee paid: Per Hour or Per Annum.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee


Pay hours / weekTotal number of hours employee is paid each weekEmployee - Finance & PayrollEmployee✔️
Pay hours / dayTotal number of paid hours an employee works each day.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee✔️
Pay days / weekTotal number of paid days an employee works each week.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee✔️
Payroll TagsPayroll Tags for the employee that help govern Pay Rules.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee✔️
ESCT Rate (NZ Only)ESCT Rate for kiwisaver contributions.Employee - Finance & PayrollEmployee✔️
STP Categories (AU Only)Field not currently used.NANA 

6. Search Table

The search box allows you to find specific employees easily.

7: Export CSV

Allows an export of all currently visible columns

8. Employee list column headers

The headers for each column Of note:

Clicking the empty check box at the left hand side of the screen will select all currently visible employees

Clicking a column header will sort your employee list by that Column. Clicking again will change the direction of the sort. (Descending vs Ascending)

9. Employee records

Each line represents 1 employee/user that meets your filter criteria.

10. Edit Employee

Clicking the Edit/pencil icon will take you to the employee's profile so you can look up exact information/make changes.

11. Re-send Invite Email

This option is only available when an employee is still on the invited status.

As soon as the employee has created & associated an account by using their invite link, the employee moves to the Onboarding status and the Resend Invite option is no longer available.

If you have an employee struggling to use their invite, if they have moved to the Onboarding status this indicates they need to go directly to Workforce Management and Login using the account they created by going to


If you need more help with this topic, contact your MYOB Advanced Workforce Management partner. If MYOB support you directly, email

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