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Creating or editing a location

If you've moved to a new building or added a department, you may need to create a new location.

  1. Go to Management > Settings > Edit Location.

  2. Click Add (:AWFM_Add_Purple_Thin:) to create a new location, or Edit (:AWFM_edit_grey:) to update the settings for an existing one. The Location window opens.

  3. Enter the location's basic details, including the name, country, and timezone.

  4. Parent allows the location to inherit some settings, and is used to control who can see which employees & rosters. Locations must have a parent unless they are the Root location.

  5. Choose a Cost Centre if you want to set a default cost centre for any shifts/timesheets made in this location.

  6. Enter an Order number to determine where the location displays in reports and selection menus. Location zero comes first.

  7. Requirements allows you to set requirements employees must have to work shifts in this location.

  8. Ordinary Hours allows you to define a span of hours for any shifts worked in this location.

  9. If you want to be able to assign shifts to this location, select This location can be rostered.

  10. To make this location selectable in reports, and enable some extra location-specific settings, select This location is reportable.

    • To customise penalty rates for the location, select Use penalty rates and enter the times and multipliers.

    • To customise costings for this location, tick Enable on-cost and enter your costing percentages.
      The Use penalty rates and Enable on-cost features will be enabled fully in a future release.

  11. To give the location customised geofencing settings, deselect Inherit geofencing settings from parent. For more information, see Setting up a location for geofencing.

  12. Click Save when you're done. 

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