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Creating a custom permission group to let Employees see and enter their own timesheets directly

The inbuilt Employee permission group has the following permissions:

  • View Document Library

  • Allow Access to Learning Portal

  • View Own Employee Profile

  • View Own Employee Expenses

  • View Own Employee Leave

  • View Own Employee Shift Requests

  • View Own Employee Roster

These permissions do not give employees the ability to enter their own timesheets, or view their existing timesheets. For this there are 2 extra permissions:

  • View Own Time And Attendance in Employee Portal

  • Create And Update Own Timesheet Entry Through The Employee Portal or Mobile App

Having these 2 options ticked will add a Timesheets tab to the mobile screen, and an additional Time & Attendance option in the employee’s profile.

These are reached by:

To view/add time in the Website application:

  • Click your name at the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • Click “My Profile” to open your profile.

  • Click “Time & Attendance” section at the left of the screen (Direct link by clicking here)

  • You can see your timesheets here, if you have the “Create and Update” permission there will be a plus button, and you’ll be able to edit/delete timesheets that haven’t been approved yet.

To view/add time in the Mobile application:

  • Click the Timesheets button.

Workaround process for giving employees limited ability to submit timesheets with work types attached:

Be careful when doing this, this process allows employees to select information that is usually reserved to managers as it can directly affect pay rate calculations/allowances.

The Create and Update Own Timesheet Entry process assumes employees should not be able to select their own work types for their shifts.

If employees need to select their own work types then it may be possible to give them the Managers view by granting them the permissions:

  • (tick) “Create and Update Timesheets” permission

If doing this make sure not to give them the permission:

  • ❌ Do not give them a “View Basic Employee Information” permission.
    As this would let them view timesheets for other employees at their location.

This results in a Time page being displayed at the top of the screen, where they CAN create timesheets using the + button, but they would be unable to see any timesheets as they don’t have permission to view employees (including themselves).

They would still be able to view their timesheets using the “My Profile > Time and Attendance” method.

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