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Configuring the category action

This article explains how to configure the rules engine to use the Category action. This action allows matches to be categorised, so they can later be recalled for action. A common use for the Category action is to combine multiple conditions into a single pay type later on.

Configuration options

NameDescriptionData typeExample value
CategoryThe name of the category to tag against the matchesTextOrdinary Sunday overtime
To use the Category action

Before following these steps, you need to Creating a global pay condition.

  1. Go to Management and choose Settings.
  2. Click Pay Rules.
  3. For the pay rule you want to edit, click the Edit icon (
  4. In the Versions section, click the Edit icon (
    ) for the pay rule version you want to edit.
  5. Configure your preferred conditions.
  6. In the Then field, select Category.
  7. In the Category field, enter the category that you want to tag the matches with. For example, ordinary.
  8. Save your changes to the pay rule version by clicking Save.




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