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Common onboarding problems

This page describes common problems you might come across with onboarding and how to resolve those problems.

Link doesn't work, it says I already used it

If you see this, just click Onboarding at the top of the screen.

I made an account, but now my screen is blank

Check if the employee is “Invited” or “Onboarding”.

If they’re invited, resend them the link, ask them to use it and choose “Existing account”, then click Start.

This will happen if you made an account but didn’t press Start afterwards.

You can also see this if you check the Employee’s Login Username at Employee > Settings.

  • An employee that has no username hasn't started onboarding:

  • An employee that has a username has started onboarding.

  • An employee that has an envelope hasn’t started onboarding.

I invited someone, but now I can't find them

Get the user to check the filters in Workforce Management. Usually they’re there, just not in the filter they’re looking at.

Remember to check:

  • Invited (hasn’t used link yet)

  • Onboarding (has used link, but hasn’t finished)

  • Non Rosterable (if the “Onboard as unrosterable” option is ticked, new employees are in this filter)

  • Rosterable (Fully onboarded and ready to use employees are here)

They got stuck onboarding and so we made an employee manually

This causes problems, if a company has done this:

  1. They should go to the Invited or Onboarding lists and delete the incorrect employee

  2. The employee should have been sent a link.

  3. If you end up with two employees, contact MYOB support - we will fix it for you.

When inviting someone, it says they're a duplicate

Check for deleted employees. Often this is because someone has either been a previous employee, or they previously started onboarding but didn't finish.

If you’re going to delete an employee you should usually change their email address to “.old” on the end.

In versions 9.10 and later, super users can view and change login addresses under Employee > Settings.

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