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Alternate (mondayised) public holidays not working correctly

When employee works the Alternate Date Holiday only then the work shift is not paid at Public Holiday. This is happening for any employee working only on the Alternate Public Holiday Date and without standard hours.


Check the Standard Hours for the Employee in question.  For an Alternate Public Holiday Date to apply, that day must be part of the employees standard hours.

Either the employee needs to have hours Defined, or the company needs to have standard hours defined.  Without standard hours, the system doesn't know that the Alternative Day should apply.


Standard Hours are defined for each employee under Roster, Time & Attendance:

You can see employees Standard Hours here. 

If there are no rows here, this indicates the Employee will be using the Company's Default Standard Hours.

Either add Standard Hours here to override the Company Default, or edit the Company Default Hours at:

Management > Settings > Default Standard Hours



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