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Registering for Pay Super - AU

Signing up for the Pay Super superannuation clearing house service involves several setup and configuration processes. These are described below.

Before registering

Before you register for Pay Super, you must:

  • ensure that all necessary records are set up in MYOB Advanced Payroll
  • contact MYOB Enterprise Client Services to set up my.MYOB accounts for each MYOB Advanced user who will be using the Pay Super service.
Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) should be created after setting up Pay Super - the MYOB Pay Super Service is not aware of SMSF funds that were created before the service was set up. If you have any SMSF funds that were set up before Pay Super was set up, you must re-register them with the service. To do this, go to the Superannuation Funds (AU) (MPPP2152) form, select a fund and click the Reregister SMSF with the Pay Super Service button on the form toolbar. Repeat for all funds that need to be re-registered.
Set up necessary records for Pay Super
  1. On the Employees form (EP203000) , ensure that employee records have all the necessary details for Pay Super. The following fields must be filled in for all employees:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Address Line 1
    • City (for Pay Super, this field should contain the employee’s suburb)
    • Country
    • State
    • Postal Code
    • Birth Date
  2. On the Superannuation Funds (AU) form (MPPP2152), set up any superannuation funds that will submit payments to the Pay Super service.
  3. On the Pay Details (MPPP2310) form, add superannuation pay items to employees’ Standard Pays. When adding a superannuation pay item, you will need to specify the superannuation fund that it will make payments to.

Sending Pay Super contact details to MYOB

In addition to checking the configuration details above, information on the site contact that will be using Pay Super must be sent to the MYOB Enterprise Client Services team, to ensure they are set up with my.MYOB accounts, associated with the MYOB Advanced implementation.

Send contact details by email

Send the following information to MYOB Enterprise Client Services team via email at

  • Account Name
  • Account Advanced URL
  • Contact Name
  • Contact email
  • Contact mobile
  • CDFid of the main company branch that will be used to submit contributions. This is taken from the CDFid Management (MYSM2030) form, which is only available to the PartnerSupport user.

Once the above details have been entered/updated in Archie, the contact may be sent an email containing an activation request to associate their my.MYOB credentials with the MYOB Advanced asset. At this point, both the user and account are eligible to register for the Pay Super service.

Registering for Pay Super

To register for Pay Super
  1. On the Pay Superannuation tab of the Payroll Preferences (MPPP1100) form, tick the MYOB Pay Super service option, then click Register. The Pay Super registration form opens in a new window.
  2. Log in with the my.MYOB credentials that were set up for one of the Pay Super service users.
  3. Enter your business’s details and address, then click Next.
  4. Enter your bank account details and payment limit, then click Next.
  5. Select a role for the user: None, Creator or Authoriser.
  6. Enter the user’s mobile phone number and click Verify.
  7. A text message containing a verification code will be sent to the mobile number you entered. Enter this code into the form and click Submit.
  8. If any more users need to be verified, log out at this point. Each user must log in and repeat steps 5–7 to set their roles and verify their mobile phone numbers. (The business and bank details entered in steps 3 and 4 are saved, so they don’t need to be re-entered.)
  9. Once all users have been verified, log in and proceed to the User Roles screen.
  10. Tick I confirm, select how many of the configured Authorisers will be required to authorise each payment, then click Next.
  11. Check the details you have entered on the summary screen, tick the Terms and Conditions check boxes, then click Submit.
  12. An information screen appears, showing you what you will need to do next. You can now sign out and close the window.
  13. MYOB will make a $0.01 payment to your nominated bank account. Once this payment appears on your bank statement (which can take up to 48 hours, depending on the issuing bank), log in to MYOB Advanced Payroll and return to the Pay Superannuation tab of the Payroll Preferences form.
  14. Verification Code field is now available on this tab. Enter the verification code, which is a six-digit code included in the transaction details of MYOB’s payment to your account. Click Verify to complete the registration process.

You are now ready to use the Pay Super service. When you create and submit superannuation batches, they will be submitted to the service automatically.

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