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Pay Super

In Australia, you can submit superannuation batches online by using the Pay Super service.

Get started

To use Pay Super, you need to register for it.

Pay Super can only be used in client situations where all superannuation contributions will be paid from a single bank account. If you need to pay contributions via multiple bank accounts, you must use the SAFF export method to transfer contribution details to clearing houses.

Keep Pay Super settings up to date

If you're already using Pay Super, you can change your Pay Super settings, like adding new users or changing payment limits. your Pay Super details up to date.


What are the Pay Super terms and conditions?

You can find all the Pay Super terms and conditions in the MYOB Financial Services Pay Super guide.

Is Pay Super available for multi-company setups?

Pay Super is not available for most multi-company setups. Users in multi-company setups have to use SAFF file super clearing purpose

If one of the companies in a multi-company setup wants to use Pay Super while the other companies use SAFF files, this is also not possible. All the companies must use SAFF files.

However, Pay Super can be set up for multi-companies under the following conditions:

  • It's a multi-company enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment, and

  • All employees belong to one company for payroll purposes

  • Only one bank account is used for superannuation purposes.

Do I have to pay extra to use Pay Super?

There is no charge for Pay Super. Every customer is entitled to opt in to Pay Super for MYOB Advanced Payroll. Only one entitlement is available per contract/customer.

I used Pay Super for AccountRight. Can I use the same Pay Super details for MYOB Advanced?

Customers coming from Accountright can't use their old my.myob credentials for MYOB Advanced. New credentials have to be set up in MYOB Advanced.

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