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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management Integration Release Notes

Action required. When integration is turned on, Advanced Workforce Management will become the single source of truth for your employee information. You'll need to check your data beforehand to make sure that you don't lose anything important.

MYOB consultants will be in touch to help you with this process, but give them a call if you haven't heard or have any questions.

To support the release of employee synchronisation in MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.0, MYOB partners and consultants are deploying a customisation to all Advanced Payroll sites that also use Workforce Management. This enables Advanced Payroll to receive employee information updates from Workforce Management, and also includes a couple of changes to help you manage the integration workflow.

Your MYOB Advanced consultant will deploy this customisation to your site, and help you prepare for the change.

What's in the customisation?

Single source of truth for employee information

MYOB Advanced Payroll now updates employee records straight from Workforce Management. This allows employees to update their own employee profile, and makes Workforce Management the single source of truth for almost all employee details.

New Outstanding Employee Actions

The Outstanding Employee Actions screen (ID: MPAY4002) now includes actions relating to the integrated employee updates, to let you know if there are any changes that require manual input.

New employee update history tab

In case you need to track or troubleshoot any employee updates, we've added a WFM History tab to the Employee Pay Details screen so you know what information has come through from Workforce Management, and when it was changed.

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