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2023.1 EAP release notes

These EAP features are now available for everyone. See the 2023.1.1 release notes for full information on all new features and changes.

MYOB Advanced Business 2023.1 is a major update that adds a wide range of new features across the entire MYOB Advanced system.

Currently, the 2023.1 features are only available as part of an early access program (EAP) and are subject to change.

Top new features

These are the features we think you'll love the most, but there are so many more great improvements in this release. For a comprehensive list of new features, see the full release notes.
Integrations – Microsoft Teams integration

The integration of Microsoft Teams creates a seamless flow of communication between different teams and departments. This allows real-time collaboration, instant messaging and document sharing, as well as empowering teams to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

Manufacturing – Improved handling of unused materials on production orders

You can now de-allocate unused materials, freeing up inventory to be used on other production orders. This significantly improves data integrity and demand planning when you run materials resource planning (MRP).

Construction – Redesigned tracking for project-specific inventory

You can now track inventory by project without being limited to the location of that inventory.

CRM – Delegation and reassignment of approvals

You can now delegate and reassign approvals for a predefined period, like when you go on leave. This means an organisation can keep its approval flow running smoothly even if the original approver isn't unavailable.

Distribution – Mixed sales order types

Streamline sales and returns with the new mixed order type, which lets you process inventory and issues from the same sales order.

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