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2023.1.4 Release notes

The 2023.1.4 release updates some existing features to make sure they work as expected. We’ve also resolved issues identified in previous releases.

What’s new

Advanced Business – Password complexity requirements can’t be disabled

In 2023.1.3, we improved our security standards for MYOB Advanced users. As part of this change, all user passwords had to meet new complexity requirements. Although these requirements couldn't be disabled, you could still see the Password Must Meet Complexity Requirements checkbox on the Security Preferences screen (SM201060). To avoid confusion, we’ve removed the checkbox.

Advanced Payroll (AU) – Tax rates for working holiday makers

If your company isn’t registered as an employer of working holiday makers but still has employees with the WHM tax code, those employees are taxed using foreign resident rates.

When you set an employee as a working holiday maker on the Taxation tab of the Pay Details screen (MPPP2310), a warning will remind you about how they’re taxed.

WHM warning.png

Advanced Manufacturing and Construction – More accessible Engineering Workbench and Inventory Turnover

Users with the Manufacturing User licence type can now access the Engineering Workbench screen (AM208100) and Inventory Turnover report (IN407010). Previously, these screens were only available for users with the Full User licence type.

Resolved issues

MYOB Advanced Business





On the Requisitions screen (RQ302000), there were some mentions of ‘vendor’. These have now been changed to ‘supplier’, which is consistent with the rest of MYOB Advanced.

CE00046538 CE00034404


When doing a global search in MYOB Advanced, users who shouldn’t could see (but not open) results based on employee information, even if they hadn’t been given access to that information. This has been resolved.

CE00045089 CE00039633


On the Production Orders screen (AM201500), generating orders for subassemblies could cause an error: “The inventory item is a template item.” This has been resolved.

CE00045716 CE00045344 CE00045516 CE00045676 CE00047231


After uploading a Microsoft Excel file to the Marketing Lists screen (CR204000), saving your changes could cause an error: “Column ‘ContactID’ cannot be null”. This has been resolved.

CE00044349 CE00041496


On the Production Orders screen (AM201500), the quantities used could be different compared to the corresponding sales order. This has been resolved.

If you previously used a customisation to resolve this issue, you must remove the customisation after upgrading to 2023.1.400.

CE00042510 CE00042190 CE00042318 CE00044039 CE00044090 CE00044225

MYOB Advanced Payroll





If an employee’s first pay was a termination pay, their unused annual leave PAYG was being calculated incorrectly. This has been resolved. Now, if an employee doesn’t have any prior pays when their termination pay is being processed, then their normal earnings for the last pay period is set to 0.00.

CE00045895 CE00045780

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