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2022.205.101 Release notes

The 2022.205.101 is a hotfix that strengthens the enforcement of secure authentication.

Available for older releases Builds including this improvement are also available for various 2021 and 2022 versions.

New features

MYOB Advanced Business

Enforce secure authentication

To strengthen the enforcement of secure authentication, we have replaced the Enforcement Date field on the Security Preferences screen (SM201060) with an Enforce Secure Authentication checkbox. This helps ensure that users are always using secure authentication methods to access MYOB Advanced. It also stops users from bypassing secure authentication by closing the banner or sign-up window. 

Tenant administrators can now require all UI users, excluding MYOB Admin, to sign up with MYOB Identity provider. This is only applicable for ERP sites and not Portal sites. When this setting is enabled, a redirect will occur during login that directs them to the Identity provider Login page instead of displaying any "Sign Up" dialogs or banners informing about upcoming changes.

To ensure compliance with the DSP framework, we must enforce Secure Authentication and any related 2FA requirements as outlined by the ATO. Any changes to this field are audited for review of said compliance, and further restrictions may be applied to control more strictly who is able to modify this configuration.

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