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2022.2.103 Hot Fix Release Notes

The 2022.2.103 release addresses issues with:

  • Slow performance with Odata feeds, used for Velixo reporting.
  • Slow performance with Single Touch Payroll for Australian sites.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA).

Resolved issues

List of resolved issues
AUThere were Single Touch Payroll (STP) performance issues for MYOB Advanced Payroll.N/A
AU & NZIf a site didn't have Enforce Secure Authentication enabled on the Security Preferences form, there was no way to register new users for two-factor authentication.CE00038610 CE00036986 CE00037283 CE00037642 CE00037847 CE00038079 CE00038135 CE00038224 CE00038383 CE00038423 CE00038522 CE00038559 CE00038739
AU & NZSites making heavy use of OAuth feeds, particularly those using Velixo reporting, were experiencing poor performance or site outages.CE00032831
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