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2022.1.202 Hot Fix Release Notes

As well as the resolved issues listed on this page, the 2022.1.202 hot fix also includes all the same new features and resolutions as the 2022.1.2 release notes.

The 2022.1.202 hot fix resolves issues that affected rate calculations for New Zealand sites, ensuring that the calculations now comply with the Holidays Act 2003.

Resolved issues

List of resolved issues

MYOB Advanced Payroll calculates annual leave payments using the greater of two rates: Ordinary Weekly Pay (OWP) or Average Weekly Earnings (AWE). This is in accordance with the Holidays Act 2003 (Act), which provides for three different OWP rates, one of which is the 4-week average. To calculate the AWE and OWP 4-week averages, MYOB Advanced Payroll relies on a lookback period.

We have identified an issue with how the lookback period is calculated. Depending on the leave start date, pay frequency and any out-of-cycle employee payments, the AWE and OWP 4-week average calculation may not recognise pay runs at the beginning of the lookback period. This may result in incorrect annual leave rates for some leave payments.

This issue affected leave payments and also impacted the Employee Leave Summary screen (MPPP4045) and the AWE Inspection window. This has been resolved, including for termination payments in processed in a current open pay.

Back-dated terminations will still warn you to manually check the calculations.

NZIf an employee went on annual leave on two dates in one pay period, then different leave payment rates were calculated for each date. This has been resolved.CE00031107 CE00030815
NZIf an employee's pay frequency changed, their AWE and OWP 4 weekly rates became incorrect. This has been resolved.CE00033191 CE00032616
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