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2022.1.100 Release Notes - 16 September 2022

As well as the resolved issues listed on this page, the 2022.1.100 release also includes all the same new features and resolutions as the 2021.2.300 release.

New features

The table below summarises the new features in this release. For more details, see the 2021.2.300 release notes.

  • Improved support for public holidays.
  • Annual leave income reduction exclusion.
  • Superannuation payment improvements.
  • Support for onboarding casual employees using MYOB Advanced Workforce Management.
  • Import employee work schedules.
  • Improved support for public holidays.

Resolved issues

MYOB Advanced Payroll
RegionIssue IDDescription

CE00029936 CE00029588 CE00029599 CE00029687 CE00029730 CE00029732 CE00029794 CE00029901 CE00030068

On the Entitlement Movements Report (MPPP6032), the Current Value column was showing an incorrect amount. This issue affected the payslips pay rate for recently upgraded clients. This has been resolved.

AU & NZCE00030706 CE00030675The Superannuation Report screen was showing an incorrect salary sacrifice amount. This has been resolved.
MYOB Advanced Business ERP
Issue IDDescription
CE00026879 CE00025534 Non-billable activities are showing as billable in the Projects (PM301000) and the Employee Time Activities (EP301000) screens.
CE00024902 CE00024237The Calendar Board(FS300300)'s service order number link not working.
CE00021339 CE00021147

On the Business Accounts form (CR303000), the system is not marking the Last Name box in the Primary Contact section on the General tab as mandatory. It displays an error "Inserting ‘Contact’ record raised at least on error. Please review the errors".

CE00030172 CE00029713

 CE00029793 CE00029671 CE00029713


Releasing an AP bill on the Bills and Adjustments screen (AP301000) caused an error: "Document is out of balance". This has been resolved.
CE00029123 CE00028253 CE00028292 CE00028897 CE00029458 CE00029483 CE00029664 CE00030095 CE00030438 CE00030495 CE00030595 CE00030604 CE00030680Releasing an invoice on the Invoices screen (SO3030PL) caused an error: "Document is out of balance". This has been resolved.
CE00028035 CE00027821

Releasing a multicurrency bill on the Bills and Adjustments screen (AP301000) caused an error: "Inserting 'GL Batch' record raised at least one error. Please review the errors. Batch is out of balance, please review." This has been resolved.

CE00025085 CE00024428The average cost calculation for dead stock items was incorrect. This has been resolved.
CE00030204 CE00028803Using the Reverse and Apply to Memo option for an invoice from a previous period caused AR reports to be incorrect. This has been resolved.
CE00029770 CE00029044Non-stock labour wasn't processing to WIP in General Ledger on production order (AM201500). This has been resolved.
-On the Users screen (SM201010), you couldn't remove association of GUID from UI. This has been resolved.
CE00030000 CE00029334On the Account Details screen (GL404000) screen, the Debit Amount field displayed the wrong amount.
CE00029377 CE00029249On the Inventory Transaction History screen (IN405000), an incorrect unit cost caused the average cost on the Stock Items screen (IN202500) screen to be incorrect. This has been resolved.
-A long running query caused a site to fail to upgrade. This has been resolved.
CE00028873 CE00028820A prompt discount prevented statements from being prepared and the financial year from being closed. This has been resolved.
CE00027976 CE00027935On the Unreleased Material Allocations screen (AM305500), processing all caused an error: "No batch has been created." This has been resolved.
CE00027736 CE00025351 CE00026744The task type of a project template wasn't being applied to a project that used that template. This has been resolved.
CE00027208 CE00025012AR payments had a blank status. This has been resolved.
-On the Production Schedule Board, the date was shown in month/day format, even if a different format had been selected. This has been resolved.
CE00024902 CE00024237On the Calendar Board screen (FS300300), the link to FSO didn't work. This has been resolved.
CE00024597 CE00024589 CE00028526The AP Aging Report (AP631000) showed an incorrect balance for a supplier, even though the balance was correct on the Suppliers (AP303000) and Supplier Details (AP402000) screens. This has been resolved.

CE00022882 CE00021045 CE00023718 CE00024840 CE00028643

On the AP Aging Report (AP631000), the company balance was different to the company balance on the Trial Balance Report and AP Aged Sensitive Report. This has been resolved.
CE00020698The Release AP Documents (AP501000) took a long time to open. This has been resolved.
CE00015685 CE00014712Customer statements were blank when printed using DeviceHub. This has been resolved.
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