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2021.2.3 Release Notes - 9 September 2022

Pay Super planned outage: action required. From 29 September to 6 October you will not be able to process superannuation payments in MYOB Advanced Payroll while we transition our Pay Super service to a new, streamlined process. To continue making payments after that date, make sure you sign the updated product disclosure statement available from Payroll Preferences > Pay Superannuation.

For more information about the change, see the details below and the Pay Super Transition Guide.

New features

Superannuation payment improvements (Australia)

We've made improvements to our superannuation payment processes to make them faster and give you more control:

  • From 7 October, your direct debit superannuation payments will go directly to SuperChoice, our superannuation clearing house provider, instead of the MYOB trust account. This means they'll get to your employees' super funds up to 5 days faster.
  • We've added more statuses to the Superannuation Batch Details screen, so you can see if there are any problems with your payments.
  • You can now change your Pay Super payment limits and authorised users from the Payroll Preferences screen.

To continue using the service you need to sign our updated product disclosure statement. See the Pay Super Transition Guide for more information.

 Press F1 from any superannuation screen to see how to use the new features in in-product help.

Support for onboarding casual employees using MYOB Advanced Workforce Management (Australia)

Employees onboarded on a casual basis in Advanced Workforce Management will now have the correct Employment basis set on their Pay Details screen when imported into Advanced Payroll.

Added default leave entitlement pay items (NZ)

To help with compliance and setup, we've added default entitlements and liabilities for common leave types to sites that didn't already have them.

The entitlements and codes are:

  • Sick leave: SICK
  • Public holidays: PUBHOL
  • Family violence leave: FAMILYV
  • Bereavement leave: BEREAVE
  • Alternative holidays: ALTHOL
Import employee work schedules (NZ)

To make it quicker and easier to update work schedules, we've added a new import scenario along with some background changes to support the change.

The new scenario is called Import Employee Work Schedule.

Termination wizard improvements (NZ)

 We've improved the termination wizard to help you stay compliant and give better visibility into final pay calculations:

  • Annual leave rollovers for termination payments now happen on employees' next anniversary date. Previously, this was happening on the day before their anniversary date.
  • We've updated the warning message for terminations dates outside of the current pay period to explain the problems it can cause and what you need to do to correct them.
  • You can now click the AL YTD gross earnings figure on Unused annual leave tab to see how it is calculated on the new AL YTD Gross Earnings Inspection screen.

Payment amounts may be incorrect for casual employees. Check any termination payments for casual employees carefully. The calculated payment amounts may not be correct.

Improved support for public holidays

To make paying public holidays easier, we've improved the options for importing and updating public holidays:

Australia and NZ – Importing public holidays worked no longer reduces employees' regular hours by more than their scheduled hours.

NZ only:

  • You are now able to choose to pay public holidays using the relevant daily pay calculation, even where the employee's FBAPS rate is set to the average daily pay or an agreed rate.
  • You can now override the the estimated public holidays to pay in a termination payment.
  • When an employee works overtime on a public holiday, it is now calculated as a single public holiday worked.
Exclude annual leave from reducing income on an employee basis

You can now exclude employees from having their income reduced by leave payments from pay items with the "Allow Leave Reduction" property set. This is useful when you have a mixture of salaried and waged employees.

To enable this for an employee, go to the Employment tab of the Pay Details (MPPP2310) screen, and tick the option "Leave does not reduce income."

Minor improvements

In addition to the features above, we've made a range of minor improvements to MYOB Advanced Payroll, including:

  • New options for Attachment Order Type (NZ only).
  • Improved error messages during the Payroll Expense Allocation process.

Resolved issues

Advanced Payroll

If the FBAPS rate is set to ADP, public holidays worked will be paid out at 1.5 of ADP. 


The termination wizard may incorrectly count inactive entitlements as active for employees who have moved from one annual leave entitlement to another.


NZPublic holidays don’t import when there is no income pay item in the current pay.CE00023507

"Employee does not work on this day -0.00" error when importing public holiday batches.

 This error is displayed when importing a public holiday batch and a public holiday is not in an employee's schedule but is set to be a work day in their calendar.

AU and NZ When the timesheet improvements feature is on, the pay item rate is being picked up from the incorrect source.ADV-39547
AU Super liability is reported as zero if an employee has remuneration.


AU Non-employee super not showing in STP.ADV-39930
AU When SMSF super fund details are changed, the employee is not being onboarded properly for Pay Super paymentsADV-38539
AU and NZEmployment Details screen is a read only screen for employees (who have access to ESS) to view their employment start dates, YTD values etc. Though “Position Start date “ and “Employee Start Date” fields are grayed out but still editable. Issue is minor as the user can’t save the changes.ADV-39561
NZUsers were not able to set correctly 8% holiday payments (PAYE) for casuals using Income liable for holiday pay option in pay item configuration. The Issue is fixed and a new Setting up pay-as-you-go for annual leave - NZ whitepaper is available. ADV-38390 
NZIn NZ, employees with tax credits have a tax benefit which reduces the PAYE calculated for the employee by 33.33% of their payroll giving amount. The net PAYE displayed in the Employment Information file is incorrect.ADV-40293
AU & NZWhen user clicks payslips link from batch payment screen, users were redirected incorrectly to new payslip processing screen MPPP5215 (which should be hidden) instead of redirecting to MPPP5210.ADV-39921
 NZFor salaried staff, EAP is unable to handle public holidays worked that re longer than the normal working day.CE00026859
 AU & NZPublic holiday items are being offset by the incentive pay item instead of the wages pay item.CE00022636
 NZUnable to enter a pay item in termination treatment.CE00024523
 NZCannot update work schedules via import scenarioCE00025859
AU & NZAn annual leave entitlement no longer in use still shows under Projected Leave balances (MPPP4021), and then in Advanced Workforce Management as available balances.CE00026267
AUUnable to update the Pay details screen via an API call using “ADAPTPAYAU” web service endpoint and its related “PayDetails” endpoint. Issue is resolved now.ADV-40343, ADV-40363
AUUploading long service leave entitlement data using "ADAPTPAYAU" API didn't update the records correctly into the system. The termination treatment “Treat AS” field was not reflecting the right leave type but instead was set to “Annual Leave”.ADV-40476
AUUsers were unable to access the “Branch” filter under the Report Options tab for couple of reports, including the Pay Activity Summary and Employee Details reports. Issue is now resolved.CE00024336

Fixes to payroll expense allocation issues:

  • The error Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object /Error: Project has no default task specified/ Error: Attempted to divide by zero” can occur while processing Payroll Expense Allocations with Allocation Method “Time Allocation”.

  • Allocation is incorrectly combining different leave accrual expenses together, causing the ledger to be imbalanced.

  • Expense allocation was creating extra superannuation lines in the journals for leave taken pay item, even when no leave was taken.

  • Payroll expense allocation was not working based on "Inventory item allocation" and leave expense allocation was also not working.

CE00022660,CE00026814, CE00020270, CE00028515, CE00023232, CE00027477, CE00025979, CE00025150 

 AU Fixes to payroll tax report issues:
  • The payroll tax report was incorrect for employees' pays with salary sacrifice contributions.

  • The following payroll tax reports should now have the correct values for employees with pre-tax deduction pay items liable for payroll tax (e.g. salary sacrifice in the form of a laptop exempt from FBT) and/or post-tax deduction pay items liable for payroll tax.

    • Payroll Tax Liability Details generic inquiry (MP-PayrollTax MPPPGI10 screen)

    • Payroll Tax Liability Report (report file MPPP6210.rpx)

AU Users were not able to import timesheets for annual leave pay items. n/a

Fixes to the new pay history import feature:


  • When import batches had an error, the system was creating a pay run with an open status. If you corrected the error and released the batch it was marked as closed, but the pay run was still open. This issue is resolved by introducing a new “Error” status and a new "Imported" column in the grid. For more details refer to new features “Import Pay History scenarios” above.

  • If you deleted an imported batch and imported it again, they were being imported with empty line, even if there were no errors.

  • The import feature didn't support pay groups with the same physical pay dates but different pay run IDs.

  • Pay history was being imported with missing data.

CE00026322, ADV-36819, ADV-32255, ADV-36823, ADV-36824

Employees were unable to download their payslips from the mobile app.

 NZIncorrect PAYE calculated for extra pays on monthly pay run. CE00028459
 NZ AL YTD gross earnings total was incorrect when processing terminations for employees, due to missing schedules. We’ve added new warning message to alert the end user to take appropriate action.CE00028806

There can be differences between the pay period salary calculated in pay groups and that on the employee’s current pay. This was caused by different rounding logic.

These differences can still occur, so you must manually adjust the values in employee’s current pay to reflect the right pay period salary.

For more information on dealing with this, see Maintaining pay rates – Best practices.

AUWhen entering a termination pay, the error "attmped to divide by zero" was occurring.


Advanced Business
Funds transfer not creating a batch on Source Account (CA301000)CE00028557
Project Quotes (PM304500) show incorrect amounts if tax category is inclusive.CE00027436
Unable to limit sub-account access based on the user/branch from the Expense Receipts screen (EP301010).CE00026286
Generate Period (PM209600) not working for some projects.CE00027162

Cannot release AP bill on the Bill and adjustment screen (AP301000). Gives a "Document is out of Balance" error.

Unable to release bill on the AP3010PL screen. Gives the error "InventoryID cannot be empty".CE00029980
"'FinPeriodID' cannot be empty" error when using AutoMatch on the Process Bank Transaction screen (CA306000).CE00029537,
Unable to release invoice on the SO303000 screen. Gives the error "Document is out of balance".CE00029123
Process Bank Transaction (CA306000) attachments don't flow through to Transactions (CA304000).CE00028415
On the AP301000 screen, a bill cannot be released. Gives the error "Batch is out of balance".CE00028035
Unable to download file from mobile app due to access rights violation.n/a
BigCommerce connector down.CE00027532
Site failed to upgrade, with the error "Duplicate entry '-100060001-1'".n/a
Sales item categories (IN204060) extremely slow with a large number of sales categories.CE00026544
Upgrades failing due to an OAuthClientToken table issue.n/a
Incorrect dead stock item average cost calculation on the Dead Stock Inquiry screen.CE00025085
Error when using search when entering orders on the Sales Order (SO301000) screen.CE00019592
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