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2021.1.403 Release Notes

The 2021.1.403 release is a hot fix that resolves issues identified in the New Zealand and Australian versions of MYOB Advanced 2021.1.4.

Resolved issues

Payroll and Self Service
RegionProblem IDDescription
 AU -

For users who transitioned to STP Phase 2, standard pay items were not being updated. This meant some new pays created from the standard pay had an incorrect ATO category (i.e. as displayed on STP Phase 1 versions). This has been resolved.

The Update Pay Item ATO Categories screen (MPPP2350) now automatically updates the standard pays when using the Apply ATO categories historically action.

For all sites that have already transitioned to STP Phase 2, a script has been run to fix this issue.
 AU -For employees with remuneration but no super contribution, superannuation values of 0 were not being sent to the ATO. This caused the ATO to reject these employee’s submissions. This has been resolved.
AU / NZ CE00024804 CE00024646 CE00024769 CE00024881 CE00025036 CE00025096 CE00025009

When adding a new pay item into the employee’s current pay, two issues could occur:

  • The Calculated value field for all the deduction pay items in the employee’s current pay would be reduced to zero.
  • The Allow leave reduction option, which automatically reduces a salary pay item when a leave pay item is added for that employee, wouldn't work.
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