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2021.1.402 Hot Fix Release Notes

The 2021.1.402 release is a hot fix that resolves issues identified in the New Zealand and Australian versions of MYOB Advanced 2021.1.4. It also includes an STP Phase 2 enhancement for the Australian version of MYOB Advanced.

New Features

AU – Check data notifications for STP Phase 2

When using the Check Company Data screen as part of transitioning to STP Phase 2, one of two new messages can appear, depending on if your data has errors:

  • If there aren't errors: “No errors are found: Congratulations, you have passed the basic ATO requirements check, please note, this process does not check historical pay run data."
  • If there are errors: “Errors are found: Follow the link on each line of the errors and warnings, make your changes, then validate again to confirm they are resolved.”

Resolved issues

List of resolved issues
RegionIssue IDDescription


In the first update event, which was part of the STP Phase 2 pilot test, two employees were not given tax treatment codes. This caused the STP submission to fail for those two employees. This has been resolved.
AU-The STP submission count, which shows the number of submissions are included in a batch to the ATO, didn't work for STP Phase 2. Even if a batch was successfully submitted. This has been resolved.
NZCE00019965 CE00019964 CE00021753 CE00022133 CE00023250 CE00023601On the Employee's Current Pay and Employee's Standard Pay screens for an open pay, the Calculated Value for Kiwisaver could incorrectly calculate at the standard 3% rate, instead of at a rate set by the user. This occurred if a user edited the definition of an entitlement which had a related pay item in a standard pay. This has been resolved. Kiwisaver now calculates at the rate set by the user.
NZCE00023464 CE00023457If an employee was granted annual leave as a transferred public holiday through Advanced Workforce Management, their payslip could display 0.000 as the value for annual leave taken. This occurred even though the calculations in Advanced Payroll were correct. This has been resolved.
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