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2021.1.3 Release Notes

Installing this release

The 2021.1.3 release is automatically deployed to all production accounts.

New Features

STP Phase 2 (Australia)

The ATO Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 significantly changes how data is reported to the ATO and shared with other government agencies.

STP Phase 2 starts on 1 January 2022. To ensure our clients have sufficient time to transition to STP Phase 2, the ATO has granted MYOB clients using MYOB Advanced Payroll a deferral until the start of the payroll reporting year 2022. All clients will upgrade to the STP Phase 2 version between February and June 2022. The upgrade will not automatically switch to STP Phase 2 – you will remain on the current version of STP until you complete the transition.

This release supports the new STP Phase 2 reporting structure, but this is behind a feature switch. It can only used by EAP sites under the guidance of MYOB. To ensure a smooth transition, we are doing extensive acceptance testing with the ATO, which will take weeks to complete. When testing is completed, MYOB Advanced Payroll will be whitelisted and we can then start an EAP program.

Next year, your upgrade will include further enhancements to the migration process. We'll provide more information closer to that time.

Updates to Pay Details screen

We've replaced the Employee Pay Group screen with the new Pay Group tab on the Pay Details screen (MPPP2310). This improves the employee onboarding experience, and makes it easier to create new employees and maintain their details.

Here's how the new tab looks for Australian companies:

ADV 2021.1.3_1.png

And here's how it looks for New Zealand companies:

ADV 2021.1.3_2.png

The Pay Group tab lets you:

  • Add an employee to a new or existing pay group and set up a standard pay without needing to go to a different screen.

  • Use import scenarios and API calls to simultaneously create pay detail records for MP employees, pay groups and standard pays.

We've removed the Employee Pay Group screen from the main menu, but it's still accessible by screen ID. The screen will be removed completely in a future version.

We've also removed the Actions dropdown and moved its options to other parts of the Pay Details screen.

  • Pay History is now in the Reports dropdown.

  • Recalculate is on the toolbar.

  • Pay Groups is in the new Pay Group tab.

Updates to payroll expense allocation

Reversing and releasing an allocation batch creates a GL batch. Now, the Quantity column now shows the negative value of the allocation source.

ADV 2021.1.3_3.png

Improved performance on Leave Administration screen

The Leave Administration screen (MPPP5040) is now faster and more responsive. As part of these improvements, we've made changes to tabs and fields on the screen.

We've replaced the following tabs with a filter dropdown: Submitted, Approved, Declined, Ready to Pay, Partially Paid and Paid.

We've replaced the View requests up to field with new From and To fields.

  • If you enter dates in the From and To fields, the list of records only includes records from within that date range. If you leave the fields blank, the list includes all records.

  • The From field defaults to the first day of the month two months prior from today's date. For example, if today is October 25, the From field defaults to August 1.

ADV 2021.1.3_4.png

New Entitlement Balances report

We've added a new report that shows the Accrual, Earned, Leave Taken in Advance and Closing Balance values for employees' entitlements. The data in this report is similar to the data in the Entitlement Balances tab of the Pay Details screen (MPPP2310). The difference is that the Accrual column in the new report displays the net accrual balance, or total accrued leave taken in advance.

Data type



Total sum of accrued units, excluding those with the Normal Payment in Advance movement line, i.e. Leave Taken in Advance.


Total sum of earned units.

Leave Taken in Advance

Total sum of accrued units with Normal Payment in Advance movement lines, i.e. Leave Taken in Advance.

Closing Balance

Total of the Accrual, Taken and Earned values.

ADV 2021.1.3_5.png

Resolved Issues

Payroll and Self Service


Problem ID



CE00016070 CE00015739  

This release improves performance on the Leave Administration screen (MPPP5040). See the improved performance on Leave Administration screen section for more information.


CE00015623 CE00015607

In the MYOB Advanced mobile app, tax details and pay YTD balances didn't appear on the Employment Details screen. This has been resolved.


CE00017848 CE00017802 CE00020421

CE00017691 CE00017585 CE00020421 CE00021143

The payroll tax liability report displayed positive amounts for adjustment pay items, like wages and salaries. This has been resolved. The report now displays negative amounts for adjustment pay items.


CE00020564 CE00020563

When importing pay history on the Import Pay History screen (MPPP1120), the Employee ID field length has been increased from a maximum of 10 characters to 30 characters. This change only affects the old Import Pay History screen. The new Import Pay History screens allow you to enter long employee IDs.


CE00019370 CE00019165

When KiwiSaver contributions were loaded in a pay history import, they didn't appear in the Pay History screen (MPPP4120) and they weren't included in YTD Amount for Total After Tax Deductions in the Payslip report. The Pay History screen and the Payslip report were only including values from actual pay runs, not imported pays. This has been resolved. Also, a script can be used to fix this issue in imports done prior to this release.


CE00014364 CE00014130 CE00017883

Since version 2020.5, an error occured when using an employee pay group import scenario: "X items have not been processed successfully. View name: Employees." This has been resolved. You can now import pay groups on the Pay Details screen (MPPP2310), with no issues adding or updating the pay group details.

For more information on the resolution, see the update to Pay Details screen section.


CE00017963 CE00017883

An error would occur when using an import scenario to link employees to a pay group. This has been resolved. An error no longer occurs when importing pay group information using the new Pay Group tab on the Pay Details screen (MPPP2310).

For more information on the resolution, see the update to Pay Details screen section.


CE00019977 CE00019976 CE00020638

This release improves system performance. Saving changes on Pay Details screen (MPPP2310) now only takes a few seconds.



When using the express file transfer option on myIR to upload an employee details file, an error could occur: "Employees mobile phone number was not provided". This has been resolved. Now, if an employee's details don't include an email address, mobile number or daytime phone number, then a warning occurs in MYOB Advanced Payroll when generating an export file: "Employee has no contact info recorded. Please specify Email Address, Mobile or Daytime phone number." However, if this error occurs, you can still generate the export file.



In MYOB Advanced 2020.6, the ESS Projected Leave Balance screen (MPES4021) included sick leave, even if the Show Projected Leave Balances setting wasn't selected on the Entitlements screen (MPPP3300) for the sick leave entitlement. This has been resolved.



On the Entitlements screen (MPPP3300), if the Accrued entitlement % of gross field for an entitlement wasn't set to a whole number, then this number was being incorrectly rounded in the Termination window (MPPP5400). For example, if the number was 8.8, it would round up to 9. This has been resolved.

When resolving the issue, we considered two scenarios where a user would see a new percent value in the Termination window:

  • A payroll administrator might need to correct a percent value in a completed pay run that has a termination batch. The payroll administrator would need to reverse the pay run, delete the existing termination batch on the new open pay run, and recreate the termination with a new percent value in decimals.

  • A payroll administrator might need to correct the percent value in an open pay run that has an existing termination batch. The payroll administrator would need to delete the existing termination batch, then recreate the termination.

All new termination batches will have accurate decimal points; they won't be rounded or cut off in the Termination window.



If the Auto Number option was selected on the Segmented Keys screen (CS202000), employee ID numbering could be out of sequence when onboarding a new employee through MYOB Advanced Workforce Management. This has been resolved.



Problem ID




On the Enable/Disable Features screen (CS100000), if both the Advanced Inventory Replenishment and Basic Inventory Replenishment features were enabled, then the basic feature would override the advanced feature. This meant that most of the columns for the advanced feature were hidden, even if enabled. This has been resolved; both features can no longer be enabled at the same time.

To enable the Advanced Inventory Replenishment feature, disable the Basic Inventory Replenishment feature on the Enable/Disable Features screen.


Problem ID


CE00021087 CE00021064 CE00021116

When a user with a Sales and CRM licence selects Configure on the Sales Orders, Sales Quotes or Opportunities screens, they could get an error: "You have insufficient rights to access the object (ConfigurationEntry)." This has been resolved.



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